Thursday, April 30, 2009

Betrayed By Traitors

Senator Arlen Specter (D/R/D Pennsylvania)was never a conservative in my eyes anyway. Although he held some conservative positions in the past I now wonder if it was all a political calculation. Considering that he has switched parties in the past I guess we should not be surprised and I wonder if his new party will be able to trust him. How many more of his positions will he have to flip on to keep his new base of support happy? The idea of a politician that will change parties just because he faces a tough primary contest is the worst type of craven, spineless, heartless worm I can think of. Now Arlen did a decent job on helping get some Conservative Judges to the bench, defended our country without wavering, and did a good job whenever he put his effort into his task. But, his stance on life always made me queesy and supporting the spending bills here recently shows he is no conservative at all. I figure joining forces with Barack Obama will be something he should have no problem doing as they are both cut from the same cloth. That of someone willing to sell out their country for their own ambitions.

Obama says he sees no reason yet to close the border with Mexico, that is just closing the barn door after the horses are gone... EXCUSE ME?!? But Mexico is shutting down their own country right now, what more reason could we need? I know Specter and Obama want open borders and all the unskilled welfare cases they can get, but do they want our hospitals to be overrun with illegal migrant sick people? The answer is probably yes, because they want to never let a crisis go by without extracting every ounce of political gain out of it. I wouldn't be surprised if the Government aren't the ones responsible for the spreading of the flu, either for population control or for keeping the government by crisis mentality alive and well for as long as possible. At least as long as it takes to ram through all the leftist agenda and make it impossible to undo the undoing of the Reagan revolution. 2010 will be here before we know it and maybe then our country will see which track we really want to run on.

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