Sunday, May 03, 2009


H1N1 swine flu virus is something we have to concern ourselves with and we as a Nation should make some tough decisions. Closing borders, schools, and gatherings wont stop the spread of the disease, just slow it down enough to get a handle on it and create a vaccine for worst case scenarios. Not that this is something we have to do right away, but we should be thinking of what it would take. And just how to do that without causing widespread panic and more undue hardship to our brittle economic recovery in its infancy? We need leadership, now more than ever. We need decision making from the top down. We don't need political gamesmanship and chess matches. We need our president to think with a clear head about what is good for our whole country, not what will gain his party better majorities or more power.
It grieves me and scares me that is exactly what is being discussed in the closed offices and meetings of the President and his administration. I know that they had better be careful or the crisis they want to herd US by or the calamity they would engineer to save US from could turn around and bite them on their rear. Our founding fathers put their prayers and their own lives on the line to create this country and the checks and balances they put in place will give our country the best chance to survive anything, even an underqualified, out of his league, poseur. Obama cannot vote present any longer, it seems as if the crises coming his way are magnifying because he is failing to step up, so each incident will be more demanding of real leadership until he begins to actually lead or crumples into Rahm Emmanuel's tender, reassuring embrace.
We shall see...

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