Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Answer My Friend Is Twisting In the Wind

Will the Press smell the blood in the water and come gunning for San Fran Nan? I kinda doubt it, but they have shown a little more persistence than I ever gave them the credit for. I almost feel sorry for her, watching her dig deeper and deeper as she tries to lie her way through this contradiction. But I do not, knowing she is the cheapest and lowest form of political hack our country may have ever produced. The zest and zeal she has shown to try and lay snares and cast nets around her political opposition is the karma that will roast her on the spit. Playing politics with National security reeks to high heaven and her piles of lies are scattered all around her now, so she really has nowhere to step, but in it.
I heard references of how Nancy Pelosi is unworthy to even try lying on the National stage, following in the footsteps of a Barack Obama or a Bill Clinton. Two of the most masterful prevaricators to ever look US in the eye and unashamedly deceive without showing a shred of conscience or hesitation. I could even put George W. Bush in that list, just to be fair to the lefties, but the lies they hold fast to are not the ones I would choose to hold him accountable for. If it was "Lying" that kept US safe in the weeks and months after 9/11/2001, so be it, that was an unprecedented time in our Nations history, and we cant look at things from the vantage of having lots of victories against that enemy and have them on their heels, now. Pelosi is so obviously lawyering and weaseling her way through this even Jon Stewart cannot help himself but weigh in against her folly. And leftist comedians are the Democrat Party's last line of defense. Nancy Pelosi will not come through this as speaker of the house, it will be interesting to see who she implicates as she becomes more and more desperate to hold on to her royalty.
I think it is a perfect circle that as the Democrats were trying to criminalize the policies of the former administration it could possibly bite them on their rears. Obama is blowing up Pakistanis without reading them their Miranda rights. Guantanamo will prove impossible for Obama to close and interrogations will continue to be performed. The CIA is Obamas now and yet they work for the entire electorate. Afghanistan won't go away without a clear cut victory and Obama will own defeat there as well. Be careful what you wish for you just might get it? Someone needs to tell the far left wing of the Democrat Party they are boxing in 'their' President.
The liberal mindset often seems to be to act on emotions and never contemplate all the unintended consequences that can and do always present obstacles thanks to free will and our human condition. The only way to get everybody on board with their brand of utopia is to force US there. And that is the surest way to get resistence.

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