Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Surprise Surprise

Medicare and Social Security are going bankrupt? Even quicker than anyone thought? Well that is not news to anyone that pays attention to what is going on in the country. But educating the masses is about an impossible task for anyone on the conservative side. Most Americans, even the grossly uninformed, know there is little chance we will get anything from social security, at least not in the current, promised form that we get a notice about every year a month before our birthdays. I, for one, am all for moving back the retirement age. People are just living longer and we should not continue to go by the old baseline, when people retired at 62 and were dead before 70. The President is butting into private sector failures and has to get on with the big Government failures he was hired to work on. I guess the news on Social Security and Medicare is coming now to dovetail to the great Medical system jam down coming our way.
Congress is vowing to fix the medical system next, and that spells trouble. I can only imagine how that boondoggle will get paid for, rationed care? perhaps, skyrocketing taxes? maybe, cutting doctors pay? a likely scenario. None of those options seem to work for the American economy that is already in a tailspin. Any more drag will be like the ill fated pilot that brought the nose up as the air speed was slowing, disaster. As a citizen without any medical insurance, I am keenly aware of the personal disaster that awaits me if I cannot procure insurance coverage. I don't see why there cannot be two seperate levels of care and coverage. One level for people like me who just don't want to die or go bankrupt trying to stay alive and another level for people who can afford more. Government systems seem to be all or nothing, one size fits all, and I think that is where they all go wrong. Why can't the government train doctors and use those doctors nurses and support staff for their hospitals and clinics, paid for by their insurance program? One reason may be that it cannot be done overnight and that would deny any politician a "victory". All I know is nothing will happen right if politics become the endgame of the whole situation, this has to be about maintaining and furthering the best healthcare system in the world.
Maybe that could be our new national product, healthcare to the world, come to America and be healed, all the best medical practioners in the world can relocate here, something we can rebuild our economy on...
see? I can be a utopian dreamer too!

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gregcalac said...


I think we all know there will always be two medical systems in this country, regardless of any nationalized health-care plan the Government puts into place. Rich people will still be able to pay more to get more. We might be moving toward a socialized system, but our capitalist views are still very much ingrained to think wealthy people will only accept what any new system has to offer.