Monday, May 25, 2009

What will Happen AFTER oBAMA ?

Will we be A OK?
Joe Bama or O'Biden will not be comparable to Barack Obama in his ability to continue these deceits, with or without any silver tongue. Eventually, maybe as long as 7 and a half years hence, we will have a new President. Unless Obama employs Hugo Chavez tactics. And, there will be no Joe Biden following up, slow Joe will be lucky to be on the ticket in 2012. So where does that leave our country? We are letting our dear leader shred our constitution, ironically, his supporters accused his predecessor of the same. But now look what we have, its actually happening and the left is happy about it, or are they? Maybe, until the next Republican wins the office.
The hipocrisy is astounding and enlightening to behold. It has been pointed out that every pledge Obama makes we get an opposite conclusion. He doesn't want to take over the car companies, we have Government Motor Co. now. Doesn't want to nationalize the banks and now we have the government dictating the pay of financial workers. Want to close Gitmo but cannot, wants to end the war but realizes we need to finish the victory first or it will be his defeat. Says we will have free choice on healthcare as we go into single payer system. Says Iran will not get the bomb as his "diplomacy" buys them the time needed to perfect the missile technology and the uranium enrichment, time they need. Obama also says he wants Israel to survive as he pushes them to give up strategic defensible territories, and share their land with a neighbor committed to their destruction.
At least we can begin to gauge who Obama is and where he wishes to take US by a reverse psychology. The pattern will inevitably make everything clear to anyone wishing to take the time to check it out. Some in this country will not be, are not being, taken by surprise.

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