Friday, April 30, 2010

Its All Greek to Me

We reel from crisis to crisis, losing freedom every step of the way. What a world we live in...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

MisGuided and Law Abiding

Im now convinced Obama is absolutely set on destroying our country. Look at what we are up against. How will we ever get past the hyperbole and mis/dis information when the top newsmaker gets to set the tone and the tenor? His agenda is the liberal press' too, so I am sure we will only hear about how unfair Arizona is because they want the Law of the land upheld.
Arizona has spoken and they want the immigration laws enforced. If the President and Congress or his Buds at Goldman Sachs were having their livelihoods compromised by illegal workers you can bet they would put a stop to it immediately. Everybody that is American and in construction? You are out of luck, defending your industry and profession is misguided and what? Racist? Thats an easy smear that will gain the nod from the illiterate dummies who dont even pay attention to what is happening to our demographics and our border. We have effectively been invaded and all Obama sees are future Democrat voters. So the pandering and destruction continues and our honorable pact between the governing and the governed seems more grey and dying, and... cheaters prosper. Obama seems to be taunting the conservatives and baiting US into civil war. Maybe thats the purpose of all this seemingly disconnected tumultuous policy making.

+A Nation of Laws ~ We only have to follow the laws we feel like following, except paying our taxes and Unless we work for the administration

+Immigration ~ Arizonas prop 187 Watch Obama overturn this one.

+Grand Theft Generational ~ They already are admitting that it will cost more, and more, and more.

+VAT ~ If you cant make your budget work you need revenue, don't try to cut the spending, just shake down the taxpayers.

+ Cap and TAX ~ a perfect economy killer, better to fight a phantom crisis than a real known enemy like Radical Islamists.

= The Death of the American Dream ~ We have been going Socialist fotr generations and we wont even realize our freedom has evaporated because it has been such a slow drain. But now its obvious, we are being enslaved. By a grinning pied piper to boot.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hypocrisy is alive and well in the media reporting establishment. The President takes more money than anyone from the very firm he then vilifies, and doesn't get called on it? At the very least the timing of the inquisition should draw scrutiny. Yet it does not, why no curiosity? Dodd, Frank and everyone who uses the revolving door between Goldman Sachs and the Government should be held to a higher standard. Is it any wonder that 80% of this country distrust this Government? And by that I mean the Republicrats and the Demicans.

God won't be mocked.

Obama has made his position clear on Israel and where he will fall in line when the Earths Armies all line up in the prophetic Plain of Megiddo. I am so appalled to have to consider this man the leader of my country and fear he will bring Gods judgement upon US. Obama has unmasked himself to be a Jack Christian. Opportunistic is what our President has always been standing upon. Claiming Christianity as a cover to get elected in this Christian nation, claiming black when that suits his needs, playing rich with his rich buds and poor to the ghetto, what a chameleon and a phony. If the people would have really looked into who this man was by his actions not his rhetoric and disguise we would not all be so surprised at where his leadership has brought US. Watch what the other hand is doing. We are gearing up for a Supreme court fight but trading a lib for a lib is not really newsworthy, we need to be aware of the freedom we are losing behind the scenes as we hyperventilate about the economy health care and the tea party movement. All things must be paid attention to but the big picture is still that Obama is in the process of dismantling the country before he can rebuild it. The Democratic process is jettisoned and Obama will make as much change as he can before he loses majorities in November. Amnesty and the Banking takeover will pose grave risks to a fragile economy and the cap and tax may be retried in the Senate. The scorched earth policy the Democrat Party is favoring is alarming and a call to Americans to stand on our constitution as never before.

The environment is a living entity that can lay low all the plans and efforts of humankind and remove all traces of our inhabitation in a blip if that is how things are to proceed. It is vain and even imperious to believe that we can control the environment. The only way we can change the environment would be to not exist anymore. No matter what, our existence will cause some ripple. If we go back to pre industrial age living standards we will still burn would for heat and have to live off the land any way we can. And there are billions here on the planet now. Let US transition to a new energy carefully and with minimal effect on the economy. Poorer nations always pollute more, because everybody will do whatever it takes to survive. We have enough energy within our sovereign borders to transition, why are our leaders so reticent to use what is needed. Raising taxes on energy will destroy any chance to experiment and grow our way to a better future. It is a strong economy that enables invention and raising taxes now will kill the economy right as it is struggling, in spite of Obama and the Democrats policies, to do what a free market economy will do all by itself, grow and expand.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Lets Make a Deal

Ever see a country self annihilate? Its happening right here, right now. The Washington(DC) crowd is being emulated by the California crowd and the New Jersey crowd and of course, the Illinois crowd. Throw in Florida and New York and what is that? Practically half the country, populationwise. I swear I am witnessing insanity on a mass scale. Who is emulating who, though? States cannot print money, so they are really the first to go and the first to know. Its like the Federal Government is egging US on, "Go ahead we can spend like there's no tomorrow, so you can too" Is it because there is no tomorrow? Are we just getting promised all the goodies for free now so when our freedom is required and we feel we must give something. And yet have nothing but our freedom left to give? By the time we receive what we are being sold out for I doubt it will be worth any price, whatever that price ends up being.

There's a juvenilistic deans list dreamer in The Peoples House. A sophomore who feels he can do an all night bs session with his frat buds propounding themes of equality and grandeur yet he has never had a real world accomplishment beyond getting elected to a public office, and an autobiography or two. He sees others views on life and death matters as inferior to his own if they disagree. His contempt for the nascent wisdom of any contrary idea to his own illustrates his close mind, condescension and true lack of wisdom trying to coalesce a unanimous stance when this whole country and other countries are put at risk by his unilateral compulsion.

He is wheeling and dealing our future and our kid's kids' future right down the 'ole rat hole. Affirmative action is one heavy two edged sword, it gets you so far and then if you don't have what it takes, you are in over your head, sunk. Exactly where the Anti-Bush is right now. Its good that Obama is not like Bush in all ways, yet in all the ways it would be better for Obama to be less like Bush he is just like him or even out-Bushing Bush himself! At least we can't blame the current rate of decline on faux conservatism. This is leftism and socialism on steroids. This is an intellectuals dream, a problem that can never be solved but will always have the appearance of being solved by more liberalism and more money shovelled in the general vicinity. Bush set the stage for this mess we are now in and opened the flood gates to spend away our future. Obama has blown up the dam, released the hounds, damn the torpedoes, and its Utopia or bust. The writing is on the wall where we end up going down this path. Give up all hope ye who enter here.

Why, we ask, are we weakening our defense capability right now when we are also weakening our economic ability to project power and authority? To whom are these concessions really being made? We can't even defend our borders properly yet we will trust a recently vanquished adversary to put down their weapons if we do first? We telegraph what our response will be if attacked, for what end? Isn't the uncertainty of what nuclear weapons can do and will bring what MAD was all about? Where is there a nuclear threat right now? It is bubbling up from a wannabe who will never sign any treaty. And even if they did sign on it would be worthless. Our friends are being slighted and offended while our foes are being elevated to a credibility they neither have nor deserve. To what end I ask? The answer is frightening and becoming more clear with every new front that Obama assaults our freedom and liberty on.

There is a score that our President wants to settle with "his" Country. The enslavement of the Middle Class would be a nice feather in his multi-cultural hat. The redistribution of the wealth in this country is the most obvious, and stated by Obama himself, goal. I am certain that Obama and this bunch of Leftists have a New World Order in mind, and the only thing standing in the way is the Old World Order. We are no longer a Christian nation in our elected officials eyes. That is what we are witnessing right now, the taking down and dismantling of everything that was. What these leftists are exchanging US for I am certain they do not even yet realize. They can never imagine all the unintended consequences of their foolish fantasies. Their eyes are not opened yet. Just like the Health Care reform, we wont know what's in it until we pass it.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

Spring is time for rebirth, new beginnings, recommitment to the Lord, Family and also remembering everything that Easter stands for. Jesus Christ triumphed over death and His victory over Satan reconciled us to The Father. We live because he died in our place and paid the price once for all humanities failings.

With another chance to feel Gods grace we can attempt to serve him and our fellow man as best we can. With honesty, love, and the bravery to withstand all the trouble that life can put us through.
True hearts draw one another nearer.