Thursday, April 22, 2010

MisGuided and Law Abiding

Im now convinced Obama is absolutely set on destroying our country. Look at what we are up against. How will we ever get past the hyperbole and mis/dis information when the top newsmaker gets to set the tone and the tenor? His agenda is the liberal press' too, so I am sure we will only hear about how unfair Arizona is because they want the Law of the land upheld.
Arizona has spoken and they want the immigration laws enforced. If the President and Congress or his Buds at Goldman Sachs were having their livelihoods compromised by illegal workers you can bet they would put a stop to it immediately. Everybody that is American and in construction? You are out of luck, defending your industry and profession is misguided and what? Racist? Thats an easy smear that will gain the nod from the illiterate dummies who dont even pay attention to what is happening to our demographics and our border. We have effectively been invaded and all Obama sees are future Democrat voters. So the pandering and destruction continues and our honorable pact between the governing and the governed seems more grey and dying, and... cheaters prosper. Obama seems to be taunting the conservatives and baiting US into civil war. Maybe thats the purpose of all this seemingly disconnected tumultuous policy making.

+A Nation of Laws ~ We only have to follow the laws we feel like following, except paying our taxes and Unless we work for the administration

+Immigration ~ Arizonas prop 187 Watch Obama overturn this one.

+Grand Theft Generational ~ They already are admitting that it will cost more, and more, and more.

+VAT ~ If you cant make your budget work you need revenue, don't try to cut the spending, just shake down the taxpayers.

+ Cap and TAX ~ a perfect economy killer, better to fight a phantom crisis than a real known enemy like Radical Islamists.

= The Death of the American Dream ~ We have been going Socialist fotr generations and we wont even realize our freedom has evaporated because it has been such a slow drain. But now its obvious, we are being enslaved. By a grinning pied piper to boot.

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