Thursday, November 29, 2007

We Have A Choice!

The differences between the 2 parties Americans have to choose a President from will be clearly represented by whichever nominee's makes it to the election day extravaganza in 2008. On the left side we will have the non-debaters picking and choosing which network will ask them powderpuff questions. On the right side we will see the stubborn, bumbling masochists begging for a fair shake. The difficulty lies in finding a candidate that gets the opportunity to get their message out unfiltered and free of handlers/detractors fingerprints. A message and a vision we can believe will be honestly presented, implemented, and defended. Please don't tell US what we want to hear. Tell US what we must do to keep our Nation strong and secure. This election for President should give US a real choice... What do we want as a Country,?? Someone telling US we need Government intervention to help to acheive the American Dream? Or a government apparatus that gets out of the way, and lets our limitless creativity grow and improve US toward a more perfect union.
Do we want more of the Clintons? Like the mainstream media would make US believe? Do we need to prove we are not racists by electing Barack Obama? Would we want Rudy there to help US through the inevitable attack? Can Mitt prove there really is seperation between church and state? We shall see.
The Democrat candidiates cannot even cross a picket line to debate, won't go to Fox, a network hardly the pure Conservative Bastion liberals claim it is. The Republicans agree to let the opposition run them around and resemble the cowardly Democrats in their bum-rush toward centrism. All in all it will make for some wonderful political theater, exactly the game the media conglomerates would have US pay to view.
CNN and you tube should be ashamed of their blatant manipulation of questions they put out as spontaneous and un edited by greasy fingered Ted Turner employees or far left google leftists.That is the one problem I have with most liberals, they are afraid to come right out and uncloak their liberalism. They know thats a loser. Conservatives are never ashamed of being conservatives, thats why all the lies are attached to conservatives. The labels, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, intolerant, etc. etc. All that is created to drive conservatives away from their core principles of truth, honesty, and the reality of the human condition, with all our flaws and halos.

We will be manipulated, have no fear!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Losing Faith in Humankind:

On Thanksgiving night my truck was broken into and tools were stolen. Tools I need to make a living, I hope the low-life scum who did this cuts their hand off with my skil saw. I cant imagine the depravity of a person whos drug habits are of more importance to them than a mans ability to feed his family. Part of the problem is that this kind of crime only gets what - a month of jail and some restitution? Crimes like thieving a persons livelihood or identity should garner stiff penalties...10 years, maybe and pay back 5x the amount stolen? It's ridiculous that we have to watch over our shoulder and worry about someone stealing the things we work so hard to achieve. I guess I should be thankful that I did not catch this person in the act as then I might be in jail on the charge of murder. Well I won't soon forget that my coccoon of security has been punctured, and my faith in other people has been somewhat shaken. I wonder if the thieves know that the wrong person they steal from could become their worst nightmare? Well I will be thankful that I didn't have to lower myself down to violence, it just makes me sad. The thought of someone going back and forth into my truck putting my tools into their truck is almost more than I can take. I curse those tools and whoever uses them will have more trouble than the little money they save, buying something stolen or using something stolen. I will let the Lord take care of this, however He sees fit. I pray to let this anger pass.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

What don't we have to be thankful for? Living in America in the 21st century, things could not be much better, even in a fallen world. Sometimes in our daily pursuits of pleasure we lose sight of the reality that in the Lord's realm all this will seem hollow. But the things that last are family, friends, love and our concern for our fellow man. Let US pray that we can heal our Nation of strife and then turn and be a guiding light to help heal the world. These are pursuits worthy of the greatest nation in ther history of this planet. I pray we can remain that very station.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

World NewsWatch November 18,2007 A.D.

Hillary wants to convince US she won the debate? I guess she won the help of CNN and Wolf Blitzer to orchestrate that campaign performance. Its hard to imagine a thoughtful person falling for the packaging and creation of a "serious politician" hidden in a pantsuit. She is obviously Bill's ventriloquist dummy ( I swear I saw her mouth's hinge). The Clinton's are even starting to look alike even though they do not live together. America and the world cannot take another term of this duo with so many serious issues hanging in the balance. My contention may come true, the US may have to be nuetralized before Biblical prophecy can be fulfilled. And what better way for US to be counterbalanced than a serious dose of Socialism?

Here is all the evidence we need that market forces are not what is controlling energy prices. Unless market forces include speculators and monopolies. And enemies who control a strategic commodity we are not willing to get for ourselves basically control US.

The only green that counts is money. Go ahead and save a few dollars, dont worry about the possibility of toxins, don't worry about where the loyalties will ultimately reside. Just go ahead and buy some molded plastic crap for your kids this Christmas, preferably at a dollar discount center. Just remember a friend of your enemy could be your enemy.

Eventually the Democrat party will have a measure of success, but at what cost? They will try to blame Bush whichever way the wind should blow in 2008. Let them remember where their efforts were directed in '06 and '07. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is a legacy they can possibly overcome yet again. With willing accomplices in the American media and Electorate. It is amazing how far you can travel when you are not ever held accountable.

A war strategy that seems plausible to this monday morning general might be : Attack Tehran or Venezuela (Hugo dreams of being so consequential) after you have secured supply in your own continent and let the price soar. Then let your enemies rot with their withering economies suffering from losing their biggest customer. Just kidding, I am just trying to be as ridiculous as Hugo Chavez' dream of being attacked by US. He must be paranoid.

Must be because of global Warming the Lord only knows there has never been a Cyclone in Bangaladesh before.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Its Crowded in the Grandstand:
or Dissecting the Liberal Mind

The Democrat debate tonight was being watched by me with hazy interest. I have purposefully stayed away from politics so far this early primary season for a couple reasons. It's just too early and I am slightly burned out from '04 and '06. I watched the Democrats with a little more scrutiny here because its getting closer to the polls that matter, and I want to see from what stock our next President may come. I tried to find something to like and respect from these people and found myself stretching. There was Populism, there was patriotism, earnest platitudes and vexing patronage. These politicians whole careers are built upon the great giveaways. Someone else's money to be re-distributed by a most noble benefactor.
The democrat Party does have a scintilla of consistency however. They are starting their positions from the Left and being driven more Leftward. The Republicans on the other hand start out at center-right and wander aimlessly toward the center. The spirit of bi-partisanship means the conservatives abandoning their core values and moving into the squishy middle road. I for one would love to be able to believe in just one Democerat, alas they could not speak their position openly and honestly without fear of backlash from the net-roosters. Repeatedly asked to give one word,yes or no answers, these politicians could not, or would not, give up their soapboxes. So it was refreshing to hear Hillary do it once. It just took her 2 weerks to figure out how the position she held on drivers licenses for illegal aliens could be spun into the most votes possible. So in the end all these candidates performed like the seasoned politicians they are and hid the left tilting agendas until they are safely elected. Senator Joe Biden struck me as more thoughtful than i thought him capable of being, Kucinich as batty and ostrichlike as i expected. And thats where all these guys and one gal lost me, they do not think we have an enemy trying to do US harm. Everything wrong in the world is George W. Bush's fault, from trade problems and product problems with China to health care, mortgage crisis, global warming, you name the crisis and one of these debaters will contend that Bush created all the trouble. The trouble for the Democrat politician is that Bush is not running, go figure! The best line of thew night had to be Kucinich saying "Strength through peace", I love it! Obama impressed me as a nicely stuffed suit complete with his own folksy brand of Utopian Fantasy. I really wish these politicians could give off an air of living in reality in 2007. There is a government plan to fix every conceivable human problem and they cannot rest until they try to solve it their way. And why was Chris Dodd the only one who could say unequivicobly that US national Security is more important than human rights that may or may not be being violated? John Edwards surely does not know.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

We Owe You One

On the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month we honor the brave people who do the constitutions most important and solemn charge assigned to our Government. To protect our Country. Without these brave soldiers beating back the oppression wherever it surfaces in the world, before it can affect US here, we would have no country to call home. Home where it is safe to enjoy all the fruits of freedom. Freedom to pursue any dream we are capable of imagining. Imagine our country right now as weak militarily as it was under the Clinton administration. Think about these enemies, who are trying to kill Americans in whatever spectacular and widespread way possible, mobilizing out in the open. Without a determined commander in chief leading our forces fighting for our Liberty, and the Liberty of all freedom loving people in the world, these forces of evil oppression will be taking over. The path is laid out for US. We only have to be as brave as our fighting men and women, and walk down the path to peace, through strength. A year from now it will be another Veterans Day,we will be honoring a few less of the great soldiers who delivered US from the threats we faced in the Second World War. We will also have just elected a new Commander in Chief.
I will pray for our country to make the right decisions.
May God bless US and keep US safe. And may God bless these men and women who risk it all for all of US.