Sunday, November 18, 2007

World NewsWatch November 18,2007 A.D.

Hillary wants to convince US she won the debate? I guess she won the help of CNN and Wolf Blitzer to orchestrate that campaign performance. Its hard to imagine a thoughtful person falling for the packaging and creation of a "serious politician" hidden in a pantsuit. She is obviously Bill's ventriloquist dummy ( I swear I saw her mouth's hinge). The Clinton's are even starting to look alike even though they do not live together. America and the world cannot take another term of this duo with so many serious issues hanging in the balance. My contention may come true, the US may have to be nuetralized before Biblical prophecy can be fulfilled. And what better way for US to be counterbalanced than a serious dose of Socialism?

Here is all the evidence we need that market forces are not what is controlling energy prices. Unless market forces include speculators and monopolies. And enemies who control a strategic commodity we are not willing to get for ourselves basically control US.

The only green that counts is money. Go ahead and save a few dollars, dont worry about the possibility of toxins, don't worry about where the loyalties will ultimately reside. Just go ahead and buy some molded plastic crap for your kids this Christmas, preferably at a dollar discount center. Just remember a friend of your enemy could be your enemy.

Eventually the Democrat party will have a measure of success, but at what cost? They will try to blame Bush whichever way the wind should blow in 2008. Let them remember where their efforts were directed in '06 and '07. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is a legacy they can possibly overcome yet again. With willing accomplices in the American media and Electorate. It is amazing how far you can travel when you are not ever held accountable.

A war strategy that seems plausible to this monday morning general might be : Attack Tehran or Venezuela (Hugo dreams of being so consequential) after you have secured supply in your own continent and let the price soar. Then let your enemies rot with their withering economies suffering from losing their biggest customer. Just kidding, I am just trying to be as ridiculous as Hugo Chavez' dream of being attacked by US. He must be paranoid.

Must be because of global Warming the Lord only knows there has never been a Cyclone in Bangaladesh before.


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Anonymous said...

Do you realize about 25 years ago people like you were scaring the public with global cooling theories? I research this stuff and find it comical educated people can be bamboozled by this hyperbolic B.S. Even if the world is warming what proof have you it is not from the sun or a natural phenomena that is better for all mankind?
I have friends in Canada that would appreciate a little more global warming.
What will you tell someone that freezes to death, "well, sorry you didn't have to sweat"?

1. I'm not publishing this comment of yours on my FAMILY NEWS BLOG... if you wish to debate Global Warming, please do so at Eclipse-Chat. I created that to split family and greenie stuff. The Lankshear News blog started when we wanted to inform everyone about the progress of my son's cancer — not to argue greenie stuff.

2. New Scientist responds to some of your sillier accusations above. The responses are basically False, Red-Herring, Strawman. But from the tone of your post on a FAMILY NEWS BLOG about a kid who had cancer, I'm guessing your the foaming at the mouth Republican type who simply sees RED COMMUNISTS TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE GLOBE, not scientists or scientific arguments... and won't bother with inconvenient things like "facts".

New Scientist on "They predicted Global Cooling in the 70's"

Global Warming is down to the sun, not us humans.

It's too cold where I live, warming would be great.

Mate, according to the latest report from Scientific America, 200 thousand people are already dying each year from the effects of Global Warming. Take a chill pill and try reading outside of your circle of debunkers recycling the same tired old myths and half-truths. And feel welcome to debate me on Eclipse-Chat, but please leave my family blog alone.