Thursday, November 29, 2007

We Have A Choice!

The differences between the 2 parties Americans have to choose a President from will be clearly represented by whichever nominee's makes it to the election day extravaganza in 2008. On the left side we will have the non-debaters picking and choosing which network will ask them powderpuff questions. On the right side we will see the stubborn, bumbling masochists begging for a fair shake. The difficulty lies in finding a candidate that gets the opportunity to get their message out unfiltered and free of handlers/detractors fingerprints. A message and a vision we can believe will be honestly presented, implemented, and defended. Please don't tell US what we want to hear. Tell US what we must do to keep our Nation strong and secure. This election for President should give US a real choice... What do we want as a Country,?? Someone telling US we need Government intervention to help to acheive the American Dream? Or a government apparatus that gets out of the way, and lets our limitless creativity grow and improve US toward a more perfect union.
Do we want more of the Clintons? Like the mainstream media would make US believe? Do we need to prove we are not racists by electing Barack Obama? Would we want Rudy there to help US through the inevitable attack? Can Mitt prove there really is seperation between church and state? We shall see.
The Democrat candidiates cannot even cross a picket line to debate, won't go to Fox, a network hardly the pure Conservative Bastion liberals claim it is. The Republicans agree to let the opposition run them around and resemble the cowardly Democrats in their bum-rush toward centrism. All in all it will make for some wonderful political theater, exactly the game the media conglomerates would have US pay to view.
CNN and you tube should be ashamed of their blatant manipulation of questions they put out as spontaneous and un edited by greasy fingered Ted Turner employees or far left google leftists.That is the one problem I have with most liberals, they are afraid to come right out and uncloak their liberalism. They know thats a loser. Conservatives are never ashamed of being conservatives, thats why all the lies are attached to conservatives. The labels, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, intolerant, etc. etc. All that is created to drive conservatives away from their core principles of truth, honesty, and the reality of the human condition, with all our flaws and halos.

We will be manipulated, have no fear!

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