Friday, November 23, 2007

Losing Faith in Humankind:

On Thanksgiving night my truck was broken into and tools were stolen. Tools I need to make a living, I hope the low-life scum who did this cuts their hand off with my skil saw. I cant imagine the depravity of a person whos drug habits are of more importance to them than a mans ability to feed his family. Part of the problem is that this kind of crime only gets what - a month of jail and some restitution? Crimes like thieving a persons livelihood or identity should garner stiff penalties...10 years, maybe and pay back 5x the amount stolen? It's ridiculous that we have to watch over our shoulder and worry about someone stealing the things we work so hard to achieve. I guess I should be thankful that I did not catch this person in the act as then I might be in jail on the charge of murder. Well I won't soon forget that my coccoon of security has been punctured, and my faith in other people has been somewhat shaken. I wonder if the thieves know that the wrong person they steal from could become their worst nightmare? Well I will be thankful that I didn't have to lower myself down to violence, it just makes me sad. The thought of someone going back and forth into my truck putting my tools into their truck is almost more than I can take. I curse those tools and whoever uses them will have more trouble than the little money they save, buying something stolen or using something stolen. I will let the Lord take care of this, however He sees fit. I pray to let this anger pass.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear your misfortune,brother.I hope they really do cut their arm off,and you know me, I mean it.

JohnnyT. said...

It's nice to vent. Hopefully my insurance is worth what I pay for. Sorry for the outburst :-)