Thursday, November 15, 2007

Its Crowded in the Grandstand:
or Dissecting the Liberal Mind

The Democrat debate tonight was being watched by me with hazy interest. I have purposefully stayed away from politics so far this early primary season for a couple reasons. It's just too early and I am slightly burned out from '04 and '06. I watched the Democrats with a little more scrutiny here because its getting closer to the polls that matter, and I want to see from what stock our next President may come. I tried to find something to like and respect from these people and found myself stretching. There was Populism, there was patriotism, earnest platitudes and vexing patronage. These politicians whole careers are built upon the great giveaways. Someone else's money to be re-distributed by a most noble benefactor.
The democrat Party does have a scintilla of consistency however. They are starting their positions from the Left and being driven more Leftward. The Republicans on the other hand start out at center-right and wander aimlessly toward the center. The spirit of bi-partisanship means the conservatives abandoning their core values and moving into the squishy middle road. I for one would love to be able to believe in just one Democerat, alas they could not speak their position openly and honestly without fear of backlash from the net-roosters. Repeatedly asked to give one word,yes or no answers, these politicians could not, or would not, give up their soapboxes. So it was refreshing to hear Hillary do it once. It just took her 2 weerks to figure out how the position she held on drivers licenses for illegal aliens could be spun into the most votes possible. So in the end all these candidates performed like the seasoned politicians they are and hid the left tilting agendas until they are safely elected. Senator Joe Biden struck me as more thoughtful than i thought him capable of being, Kucinich as batty and ostrichlike as i expected. And thats where all these guys and one gal lost me, they do not think we have an enemy trying to do US harm. Everything wrong in the world is George W. Bush's fault, from trade problems and product problems with China to health care, mortgage crisis, global warming, you name the crisis and one of these debaters will contend that Bush created all the trouble. The trouble for the Democrat politician is that Bush is not running, go figure! The best line of thew night had to be Kucinich saying "Strength through peace", I love it! Obama impressed me as a nicely stuffed suit complete with his own folksy brand of Utopian Fantasy. I really wish these politicians could give off an air of living in reality in 2007. There is a government plan to fix every conceivable human problem and they cannot rest until they try to solve it their way. And why was Chris Dodd the only one who could say unequivicobly that US national Security is more important than human rights that may or may not be being violated? John Edwards surely does not know.

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