Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This Record Breaking Dry Spell

California is in a very dry pattern right now. Maybe its' because of Global Warming, maybe el Nino. It's comical to me that the Newscasters love for it to be record setting something or other. When rainy season started a little early everyone was stressing about flooding and our levees. Memories of Katrina were fresh and the temptation was too great to cry wolf. Well now we have a lot of dry weather so they are working away on the levees but everyone is just about ready to whip out the D word. It has been maybe 15 years since our last serious droughts but I guess we got spoiled. I know the jet stream could shift and all the storms could come right at us like the last few years and then we could worry about flooding again. I think Arnold's prayers for some dry weather to dial in our levees has been answered and for that we should be thankful.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why Darfur is O.K. But Iraq? No Way?

Many of the same defeatist Leftists that want US out of Iraq would be endorsing United States involvement in Darfur to stop that genocide, and I think I know why. Besides the obvious fact that Darfur is not really in our National Interests, if the going got too tough and we had to cut and run, it would not be a National Tragedy.
The Benchmark Crowd are telegraphing the timetable to victory to the Insurgents who otherwise have no hope of prevailing. If all they have to do is wait US out and continue the high profile violence for the International presscorps what better gift to them than a template for when we have had enough?
All the Hollywood types who play intellectually savvy political commentators in real life also pretend they can identify with the common man. They have millions stashed away, food stockpiles, property thats paid for, and enough weaponry to kill you if all Hell breaks loose and you have to hunt your next meal on their property. You can't tell me they would have trouble getting along in life if the world economic system collapses. They will survive and all the idiots protesting along with them will soon be dead because their heads were in the sand when they had a chance to do something about the world situation.
I can't say that all of President Bush's motives are pure, but I do believe in all sincerity, that He knows the world situation and is trying to keep it status quo for posterity. What else could a responsible person do? We can't throw a monkey wrench into the world economy and expect to come out of it unscathed. Heck, our economy, as booming as it seems sometimes, other times it seems so tenuous. On a purely personal level, anyway, its all the same.
So where are we to turn? The politicians are dominoes of capitulation. The spokespeople are self serving. The vast majority of the electorate are distracted. The Media are self important. We must look inward and outward. Inward to our self preservation and outward as to how we can serve our fellow man. We are all in this together and hopefully we can come through it all together as a nation undivided, under God, with Liberty and justice for all.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

World NewsWatch January 27, 2007

I'm not sure announcing plans to the Whole World is the best idea. Still not quite sure why we were not already doing that, at least we are all clear as to what will happen if and when _______ becomes _________ .
Only tens of thousands and it gets a full court press. Why is the media so invested in our defeat ? And why can't these pacifists figure out what the Hell is going to happen if their ways become how we deal with this enemy?
They can't neutralize President Bush fast enough, they can't wait to tag Iraq as another Military Victory flipped into a political defeat ala Viet Nam. They can't wait to sell US down the river.
Senator Biden has once again shown his true colors. Bin Laden should be proud.
Seeing how the Republicans are handling their defeat in November is about as sickening as watching your favorite football team try to run out the clock down by 3 points with 2 minutes left to play. Really, now they are proving they deserved to lose and will continue to lose. I thought the statement in November and continuing today in regards to the public and Republicans in particular's feelings about the war are that we have not gone far enough to win, Just WIN baby! Thats all America wants. Contrary to what the Media and the Liberal Pacifists are saying through their staged temper tantrum protests.
Sometimes things happen within the R.O.P. and we aren't even there.
Talk Talk TalkTalk TalkTalkTalkTalkTalkTalkTalkTalk

Seeing as all El Baradai does is talk and nothing happens I have to wonder why He thinks it would make any difference. Iran is NOT N. Korea and the solution to that problem is different.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I Left You My Calling Card.

With all of our spineless politicians starting their campaigns for a Presidency they will have effectively weakened when they are right in the middle of an important task reminds me of a kid with attention deficit disorder. Either they are incapable of dealing with the situation, or deliberately trying to sabotage the effort. Even though the evidence is to the contrary these are not stupid people. They have risen to the top of their profession with persistence, conniving, lying, and grandstanding. I know trying to get anything done in Washington must be like trying to herd Cats, but with our Countries security and prosperity at stake, anything less than complete dedication to success is unacceptable.
What good would a Democrat or Republican Party be if the nation is in tatters or falls into civil war or God forbid is destroyed by one of our MANY enemies? I know a lot of people think there is no way that could happen. But it has happened in the past to ALL top dog nations and civilizations when they become decadent and deaf to the concerns of the people who make it all work.
The appeasement crowd only wants to see our military in action when they are feeding the starving masses, displaced by Wars and natural disasters, not eliminating what is creating the Global suffering. Missions with the objective of only rescuing the helpless little children stepped on by totalitarian regimes, really doing what the U.N.'s job should be, are where Liberals see the U.S. Military's deployability. A reactionary response to the problem. I believe our military should only be used in situations that directly affect our National Interests. Maybe we could have another outreach program, meals on wheels, to help out the less fortunate in the world and illustrate our desire to do good and righteous deeds. We have always had and will always need to have the best military force in the world or we will cease to be the great Nation that we are, and that we have created for ouselves the imperitive to remain.
There must be a great statesman out there who can save US. A Truman, Churchill, Reagan, or Thatcher. The class of politicians coming up in 2008 is so weak, watered down, and wimpy I am afraid we might not even make it to the end of the Mayan calendar, 2012. Which coincidentally lines up with the end of the first term of the next President of the United States.
This lady seems to me to be worth knowing about. She called it and paid the price. Prophetic vision comes in all shapes, sizes, and from anywhere in the World. When the writing is on the wall it doesn't hurt to read it, forewarning can be helpful, even if it does make you weep.
World NewsWatch January 26, 2007

Don't even waste your time Senator Hagel.

Probably feeling full of themselves after pow-wowing with India.

I knew we would have to outlaw motor vehicles sooner or later.

I sure hope the Democrat Party has more to show 1 year after their Big Win.

I guess Hillary had to do whatever she could to cool Bill down or at least have Him protected.

As powerful as the anti-smoking lobby probably is, this seems way over the top .

Maybe their full time job is seeking peace, not really creating it.

Poor President Bush, whatever He proposes he gets the opposite response. Maybe He should push for All out World War, Higher Taxes, Pollution, more Oil Consumption, Gridlock, Killing Babies, Kicking Dogs, conversion to Islam, shoot, He could endorse Drug Use, Street Racing, cutting work cutting school, high fat diets,staring at the sun, you name it. If I were an elected representative that could be my policy, the knee-jerk act of 2007. Just go against the President, He will modify policy according to the knee-jerk act.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thank God Somebody

is still fighting the war amid all the posturing and preparing for the making of sound bites. Even though this was last year, things were happening nobody could talk about. More than likely things are happening right now that are similar or greater in value to our security and safety.
If we can get Iraq the security they need they might turn things around, and that kind of victory would make the defeatists look like the traitors they truly are.
Sooner or later we will be able to develope something that will make warfare obsolete. Then we will just have to wipe out individual murderers and drunk drivers etc. etc.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Give the Plan a Chance to Work

Friday, January 19, 2007

Are our Chinese Brethren Looking for Trouble?

I know that a confrontation with China is probably inevitable, and perhaps they are waiting until We seem vulnerable, I just hope our elected Representatives know their weak stance toward our known enemies might trigger the agression they so greatly fear and shrink away from.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Local NewsWatch January 17, 2007

107.9 The End fires 10 employees in botched Radio Contest.
Another street Racing tragedy. This time in Folsom.
The Big Freeze is Over.
And then I saw this, I know its National but why start a new post. It's like these scientists and these other scientists are going to continue jacking around until they really screw something up.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Zoe Lofgren for President

Representative Zoe Lofgren ( Democrat, San Jose) says with just 1 month of funding the Iraq war we could double our scientific budgets and come up with an alternative energy source. So maybe that is the Democrats plan. I like it! I will vote for her myself. The answer to our problems was so simple we couldn't see it. Well what are Bill Gates or Warren Buffet waiting for, don't they have that much money? I'm sure they would like to be in on this new investment opportunity.
The article (L.A. Times, linked to in the previous posting) goes on to say that in perspective to overall Federal Spending, it's not that much. Again I must ask, why are we not doing this? Is Zoe Lofgren making a ridiculous statement to illustrate a weak analysis of our overall situation, did the L.A. Times reporter misquote her, or is this the solution to the problem we have all been praying for? Joel Havemann let that bombshell go without even disseminating it. That could have been his story, not The usual defeatist angle, It costs too much so let's give up.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

World NewsWatch January 14, 2007

I am not sure why the leftists are angling for our defeat at this time, when their own future's are at stake, too. What is the cost of not doing anything? September 11, 2001 cost US 3,000 lives in a couple hours, Billions in property losses, a Trillion or two hit to our economy and Billions to insurance companies. And what is the actual Military cost? They would still be employed, paid, and training at Taxpayers expense. I think the question is better asked, can we afford another attack of similar or greater magnitude than 9/11/2001? We all know the answer.

There is still hope in Europe, maybe they can save the sinking ship. The pendulum swings.

We can not forget our foes are attempting to band together and push.

The big fans help, but they also hurt.At least it's a dry cold. This week it's Global Cooling here, anyhow.

Oh, my God!?!

President Bush has at least one Liberal on board. Arnold is tap dancing a fine line between psuedo-conservatism and outright socialism.

The Bird Flu advances. I know it wasn't H5N1, but flu season is upon US, wash hands often.

How easy do we have to make it? When will we decide to re-unite with this expatriate.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Oh China where art thou?

What have you done, trying to play God in a Godless society? The State wanted you to slow down with that population growth, so slow it you did. Not by letting the birth's happen as they may have, but you wanted sons. So sons you have, sons with no lover's or wives. What a lonely existence it will be in China maybe your population will really be slowed more than you like. Maybe all these guys will look to each other, or maybe with nothing to live for they will look for war.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Presidents Speech.

I heard a couple good little buzzwords from the President. He alluded to the rules of engagement-using the word restrictions. I am just praying our guys can begin to use overwhelming force. I hope I am not reading too much into his words. But referring to Syria and Iran was good and the veiled threat was even identifiable by this novice. Unlike Durbins Deafotocrats, I think President Bush wants to get this right ,not just show up the other guy. I thought I saw resolution in Bush's eyes, not to let the media, through the staged violence, convince the general disengaged electorate there is no value in fighting the tide of evil swamping the civilized world.
I liked hearing the President correctly identify this as the defining ideaological struggle of our time.
I too pray that the Iraqi people step up and stop the insurgency. There is the word surge in insurgent. Maybe the stake they should get from their oil wealth can refine their wills to create their own country in their own image.
The liberals led by Durbin and Vilsack want polls to run our foreign policy. We elected a President to be our commander in chief, not a mob. They mention our treasury like the money defending our country should really be spent on social programmes, not the most important job our government has the responsibility to perform.
Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss.

Conservative Policies will continue to benefit America. Why shouldn't We be the World Police?
One thing I think our country needs to really see, not just in Hollywood action flicks, are the ramifications of actions like, Driving Drunk, Speeding, you can throw in fighting like gangs and drunken idiots at the bar, jealous lovers quarrels. Not blocking off 3 City blocks for 4 hours because some shmuck drove drunk and wrapped his car around a telephone pole. Get life back to normal asap. The way we hide from the reality of death here in the west I am sure is something these Islamic deathloving freaks feel they can exploit in US. We are still in denial as to the finality with which these zealots would put US under, just as we are in denial as to racing around in cars like lunatics could kill the perpetrator or an innocent victim, and is happening here in America every day.
We should all be just as worried about negligent/criminal drivers, as we are all here in America way more likely to be killed on the Highways than killed by terrorists. Or, our Soldiers in Iraq have almost as high of a likelihood of dying in a traffic accident in Iraq as being killed by enemy gunfire. And relative to the general population here in America many of them are a lot safer. At least even with watered down rules of engagement they have the weaponry to defend themselves and maybe then facing lawsuits is better than being killed outright.
Lets let our brave soldiers go out and win this thing.
They can, they already did.
Some here in America just want to give away our advantage.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Governor's Health Care Plan for All.

I guess learning Spanish is now even more important than it ever was. And what about all those guys in jail? If you can't beat 'em join 'em, right? I think I will learn to speak Spanish, then pretend I am an illegal alien, then I won't have to pay the ridiculously high price for medical insurance. How would anybody ever know? I'm a homeless illegal alien, "no se nada"

I wonder if I can sue the State of California for forcing me to have to move away. When will the electorate begin to realize the government is there for the citizens, the legal citizens? What if everybody that is trying to be a law abiding citizen just gave up and became a deadbeat, our whole system would collapse.

Maybe thats why we are fingerprinted to get a drivers license, contractors and business licenses, cash checks etc. The control over the law abiding keeps getting ratcheted up while the scofflaws and criminals get away scot-free. An illegal alien can change his name, move to a new city and become a totally different person with no past record of indebtedness or ineptness or sheer shysterism.

Arnold has re-invented himself as a centrist, so I guess we can see policies devoid of conviction, inability to make a stand based on conservative principles. I think to Governor Schwarzenegger being a centrist means going to the liberal side, not that he was much of a conservative anyway. A fake to the right gets you office in California every time. Or maybe Maria was threatening to cut him off.

The whole health care situation is such a joke, insurance is layered upon anybody who wants to protect themselves from the litigous practices of blood sucking advocacy pirhannas. It's extortion with loan sharks adjudicating the whole mess. Why can't every individual be responsible for him(her)self and their own health situation, working or off-work (playing, sports, recreation) etc.?
Employers can pay half as workers comp. and the individual pays the other half as a responsible caretaker of their own temple. The employer can write off their portion and should pass on savings if the worker is careful and accident free. Thusly motivating the worker to be healthy and safe. And motivating employers to provide a safe work environment for their companies. Also it allows the employers to pass along the costs in their business expense.
When there is workers compensation insurance and individual health insurance it seems to me redundant and counter productive to seperate two aspects of a unique equation. The sum of all of our parts.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

World NewsWatch January 7, 2007

Is it any wonder good can prevail in the world, fighting against the tide of the Media. If Israel does not do this We should, and in the nearer than further future. We are in this struggle to the finish and Iran having Nukes is relative to them putting their Queen on our side of the board.

I wonder if we are losing this war too? Or is it even the same war? As ominous as Doomdooma sounds, why can't we all just "get along"?

Talk about stirring the pot. With headlines like these W.W.III is a foregone conclusion.

There has to be some way that Spain can hold elections and then surrender.

You really have to dig deep to find out who the Liberation Tigers are. Buddhists?, Hindus?, Muslims? The weapons and tactics lead me to believe these guys are part of the larger struggle. One of the many death cults, anyhow.

Law enforcement is saying that it is 'probably' not related to terrorism.

But THIS is what I have been talkin' about. Save US American ingenuity.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Iran's Friends Want Them to Come Along.

China doesn't want their trading partner to continue to rankle the West.
It's too bad we all need oil so bad we can't take all these countries back to the woodshed and give them what they are asking for. A swift kick in the pants.
What are we supposed to wonder that China is up to? World conquest and domination, perhaps? Probably just another addict trying to secure their fix.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

World Newswatch January 4 2007

Democrats and Nancy Pelosi take over America.
Global temperatures predicted to change. In Australia it's called summer. The environmentalists call for "action" will surely target America first. When will they realize the Earth could just shake us off like a dog that has fleas when it wants to? Of course we won't all go, maybe just the rich.
Gerald Ford laid to rest.
Saddams buddies get to see him soon.
Mitt Romney prepares to make a run for the White House in '08. His hecklers attitude is all you need to know about this man. A typical reaction by a commy-lib who fears a man of conviction. Personally I don't care for Mormonism, but I would rather have a Mormon next door than a lunatic leftist. And I am certain Mitt Romney would make a great President.
The ferry captain did survive.
Parkinsons disease drugs may be harmful, watch for push for embryonic stem cell endorsement by Dems.
Watching the News on T.V. it's all about the caveat, and Walt Gray.
Playing God again. Beware.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

World NewsWatch January 2 2007

It's not terrorism, just disgruntled govt. workers who lost their benefits, or is it? Down in the South...
Angry sunni's.
The Democrats are ready to take over and get US back to the good ole' days.
I just love this, it will come to pass.