Monday, January 15, 2007

Zoe Lofgren for President

Representative Zoe Lofgren ( Democrat, San Jose) says with just 1 month of funding the Iraq war we could double our scientific budgets and come up with an alternative energy source. So maybe that is the Democrats plan. I like it! I will vote for her myself. The answer to our problems was so simple we couldn't see it. Well what are Bill Gates or Warren Buffet waiting for, don't they have that much money? I'm sure they would like to be in on this new investment opportunity.
The article (L.A. Times, linked to in the previous posting) goes on to say that in perspective to overall Federal Spending, it's not that much. Again I must ask, why are we not doing this? Is Zoe Lofgren making a ridiculous statement to illustrate a weak analysis of our overall situation, did the L.A. Times reporter misquote her, or is this the solution to the problem we have all been praying for? Joel Havemann let that bombshell go without even disseminating it. That could have been his story, not The usual defeatist angle, It costs too much so let's give up.

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