Friday, January 26, 2007

World NewsWatch January 26, 2007

Don't even waste your time Senator Hagel.

Probably feeling full of themselves after pow-wowing with India.

I knew we would have to outlaw motor vehicles sooner or later.

I sure hope the Democrat Party has more to show 1 year after their Big Win.

I guess Hillary had to do whatever she could to cool Bill down or at least have Him protected.

As powerful as the anti-smoking lobby probably is, this seems way over the top .

Maybe their full time job is seeking peace, not really creating it.

Poor President Bush, whatever He proposes he gets the opposite response. Maybe He should push for All out World War, Higher Taxes, Pollution, more Oil Consumption, Gridlock, Killing Babies, Kicking Dogs, conversion to Islam, shoot, He could endorse Drug Use, Street Racing, cutting work cutting school, high fat diets,staring at the sun, you name it. If I were an elected representative that could be my policy, the knee-jerk act of 2007. Just go against the President, He will modify policy according to the knee-jerk act.

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