Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why Darfur is O.K. But Iraq? No Way?

Many of the same defeatist Leftists that want US out of Iraq would be endorsing United States involvement in Darfur to stop that genocide, and I think I know why. Besides the obvious fact that Darfur is not really in our National Interests, if the going got too tough and we had to cut and run, it would not be a National Tragedy.
The Benchmark Crowd are telegraphing the timetable to victory to the Insurgents who otherwise have no hope of prevailing. If all they have to do is wait US out and continue the high profile violence for the International presscorps what better gift to them than a template for when we have had enough?
All the Hollywood types who play intellectually savvy political commentators in real life also pretend they can identify with the common man. They have millions stashed away, food stockpiles, property thats paid for, and enough weaponry to kill you if all Hell breaks loose and you have to hunt your next meal on their property. You can't tell me they would have trouble getting along in life if the world economic system collapses. They will survive and all the idiots protesting along with them will soon be dead because their heads were in the sand when they had a chance to do something about the world situation.
I can't say that all of President Bush's motives are pure, but I do believe in all sincerity, that He knows the world situation and is trying to keep it status quo for posterity. What else could a responsible person do? We can't throw a monkey wrench into the world economy and expect to come out of it unscathed. Heck, our economy, as booming as it seems sometimes, other times it seems so tenuous. On a purely personal level, anyway, its all the same.
So where are we to turn? The politicians are dominoes of capitulation. The spokespeople are self serving. The vast majority of the electorate are distracted. The Media are self important. We must look inward and outward. Inward to our self preservation and outward as to how we can serve our fellow man. We are all in this together and hopefully we can come through it all together as a nation undivided, under God, with Liberty and justice for all.

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