Saturday, January 27, 2007

World NewsWatch January 27, 2007

I'm not sure announcing plans to the Whole World is the best idea. Still not quite sure why we were not already doing that, at least we are all clear as to what will happen if and when _______ becomes _________ .
Only tens of thousands and it gets a full court press. Why is the media so invested in our defeat ? And why can't these pacifists figure out what the Hell is going to happen if their ways become how we deal with this enemy?
They can't neutralize President Bush fast enough, they can't wait to tag Iraq as another Military Victory flipped into a political defeat ala Viet Nam. They can't wait to sell US down the river.
Senator Biden has once again shown his true colors. Bin Laden should be proud.
Seeing how the Republicans are handling their defeat in November is about as sickening as watching your favorite football team try to run out the clock down by 3 points with 2 minutes left to play. Really, now they are proving they deserved to lose and will continue to lose. I thought the statement in November and continuing today in regards to the public and Republicans in particular's feelings about the war are that we have not gone far enough to win, Just WIN baby! Thats all America wants. Contrary to what the Media and the Liberal Pacifists are saying through their staged temper tantrum protests.
Sometimes things happen within the R.O.P. and we aren't even there.


Danny L. McDaniel said...

In journalism there is a saying that "the worst stories make the best stories." I believed that was the case with the socalled War on Terror. Our forray in Iraq will be never ending any chance of "victory" will be most difficult to define, if it cam.

However, the War hit home to me two weeks ago last Friday. I visited the VA hospital in Indianapooic and meet a double amputee who served in Iraq. After that the war was no longer an abstraction, or better yet, a made for television spectator sport, my dog is bigger than your dog.

Actually, the media has done a lousy job of covering this aspect of the war. Have you seen anything on TV describing these men and women wounded in Iraq? The media is so sensitive about not being accused of losing the war that they are holding back from covering some of the issues on the home front. They don't want to be the scapegoats they were in Vietnam.

I wouldn't want to be in the position this young man is in and he is only 24 years old. When you see a man like that, and the US now has over 2000 double amputees alone, not counting the single amputees, you see the human costs to war. If that dosen't question your preceviously held assumptions, than you're an ideoloque. I wouldn't want to be in his position nor anyone else I know.

I don't think the "surge" the President has started will work. The US military dosen't have the sheer force it once had during the Cold War. Americans will not tolerate a military draft and most don't want to serve. I am not sure what to do but the current course will only led to more of the same with no end in sight.

Danny L. McDaniel
Lafayette, Indiana

Danny L. McDaniel said...


JohnnyT. said...

As tragic as any injury or death to our servicemen/women is, I see the destruction of a U.S. city being worse. These Islamascist terrorists have that priority on their agenda as soon as they can possibly make it happen. They have pledged their eternal souls to our destruction, and they will not quit. They have shown they have patience and perseverence. I won't bet my life or my kids lives on the fact that they are across the ocean, its not enough protection anymore. They are already in this country and I believe taking the fight to them there is what prevented anymore attacks here.
I have relatives in tyhe Military and a friend who is thinking of re-upping. I fear for their safety and wish that I myself could fight. Their bravery and sacrifice is so honorable.
I appreciate you going to see the wounded Vets and I understand the heartbreaking nature of seeing them so badly wounded for US all. I just hope after we do leave Iraq and think the war against Islamo-Fascist Terrorists is over we do not have thousands of people like that here in our cities all in a matter of moments.
God Bless you for reading and praying for our warriors, and remember victory means peace.

Anonymous said...

i ask myself what is honourable about killing innocent human beings.the U.S must must know that their continuation with this agenda will only create more enemies than friends.