Monday, January 08, 2007

Governor's Health Care Plan for All.

I guess learning Spanish is now even more important than it ever was. And what about all those guys in jail? If you can't beat 'em join 'em, right? I think I will learn to speak Spanish, then pretend I am an illegal alien, then I won't have to pay the ridiculously high price for medical insurance. How would anybody ever know? I'm a homeless illegal alien, "no se nada"

I wonder if I can sue the State of California for forcing me to have to move away. When will the electorate begin to realize the government is there for the citizens, the legal citizens? What if everybody that is trying to be a law abiding citizen just gave up and became a deadbeat, our whole system would collapse.

Maybe thats why we are fingerprinted to get a drivers license, contractors and business licenses, cash checks etc. The control over the law abiding keeps getting ratcheted up while the scofflaws and criminals get away scot-free. An illegal alien can change his name, move to a new city and become a totally different person with no past record of indebtedness or ineptness or sheer shysterism.

Arnold has re-invented himself as a centrist, so I guess we can see policies devoid of conviction, inability to make a stand based on conservative principles. I think to Governor Schwarzenegger being a centrist means going to the liberal side, not that he was much of a conservative anyway. A fake to the right gets you office in California every time. Or maybe Maria was threatening to cut him off.

The whole health care situation is such a joke, insurance is layered upon anybody who wants to protect themselves from the litigous practices of blood sucking advocacy pirhannas. It's extortion with loan sharks adjudicating the whole mess. Why can't every individual be responsible for him(her)self and their own health situation, working or off-work (playing, sports, recreation) etc.?
Employers can pay half as workers comp. and the individual pays the other half as a responsible caretaker of their own temple. The employer can write off their portion and should pass on savings if the worker is careful and accident free. Thusly motivating the worker to be healthy and safe. And motivating employers to provide a safe work environment for their companies. Also it allows the employers to pass along the costs in their business expense.
When there is workers compensation insurance and individual health insurance it seems to me redundant and counter productive to seperate two aspects of a unique equation. The sum of all of our parts.

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