Sunday, January 14, 2007

World NewsWatch January 14, 2007

I am not sure why the leftists are angling for our defeat at this time, when their own future's are at stake, too. What is the cost of not doing anything? September 11, 2001 cost US 3,000 lives in a couple hours, Billions in property losses, a Trillion or two hit to our economy and Billions to insurance companies. And what is the actual Military cost? They would still be employed, paid, and training at Taxpayers expense. I think the question is better asked, can we afford another attack of similar or greater magnitude than 9/11/2001? We all know the answer.

There is still hope in Europe, maybe they can save the sinking ship. The pendulum swings.

We can not forget our foes are attempting to band together and push.

The big fans help, but they also hurt.At least it's a dry cold. This week it's Global Cooling here, anyhow.

Oh, my God!?!

President Bush has at least one Liberal on board. Arnold is tap dancing a fine line between psuedo-conservatism and outright socialism.

The Bird Flu advances. I know it wasn't H5N1, but flu season is upon US, wash hands often.

How easy do we have to make it? When will we decide to re-unite with this expatriate.

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