Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Presidents Speech.

I heard a couple good little buzzwords from the President. He alluded to the rules of engagement-using the word restrictions. I am just praying our guys can begin to use overwhelming force. I hope I am not reading too much into his words. But referring to Syria and Iran was good and the veiled threat was even identifiable by this novice. Unlike Durbins Deafotocrats, I think President Bush wants to get this right ,not just show up the other guy. I thought I saw resolution in Bush's eyes, not to let the media, through the staged violence, convince the general disengaged electorate there is no value in fighting the tide of evil swamping the civilized world.
I liked hearing the President correctly identify this as the defining ideaological struggle of our time.
I too pray that the Iraqi people step up and stop the insurgency. There is the word surge in insurgent. Maybe the stake they should get from their oil wealth can refine their wills to create their own country in their own image.
The liberals led by Durbin and Vilsack want polls to run our foreign policy. We elected a President to be our commander in chief, not a mob. They mention our treasury like the money defending our country should really be spent on social programmes, not the most important job our government has the responsibility to perform.


Danny L. McDaniel said...

As Presidential sppeches go this rates right down there with Jimmy Carter's malaise speech in 1979. the President showed he was unsure of his plans and himself.

I am wondering if Dubya didn't write this one himself. It was uninspiring and lack the rhetorical devices to rally the faithful.

Unfortunately, more of the sameold, smaeold. The United States in a world of hurt for along time to come.

Danny L. McDaniel

JohnnyT. said...

You think so? I am still hopeful for US to go kick butt. I am disheartened with the President's back pedalling to the defeatists rhetoric. These speeches weren't given with the opposition encouraged to put out another option before we try this.
Bush needs to go with his instincts here, he was originally willing to take on this enemy now He had better be willing to finish them off.