Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Everybody

2009 had moments as precious as any in my memory, and quite a lot I will be happy to forget. But the refining trials will certainly make me stronger in the long run, and as always there is so much to be thankful for.

Here is to 2010 correcting some of the anomalies that characterized a very tough year, I am always optimistic better days are right around the corner.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The System Worked?

I am finding the give and take that is going on in regards to the Administrations explanations of Terrorists boarding planes with explosives tiring and condescending to say the least. The backpedaling is in full gear now but still no one is touching on the very thing that can stop this nonsense in its tracks, and that is PROFILING. Who is attempting to do US harm? Who could even benefit from some of these crazies being profiled?
Instead we will see little old ladies and small babies being frisked and wanded and a guy with a turban and a dirty night shirt sniggering to himself.

Sanctions for the "Holy" Islamic Republic?

Obama will put his money where his mouth isn't and get tough on Iran(ha!). There is a momentous tide shifting and our President has already made the decision to treat with the Dictators. I am sure it's just code for something. Obamas first year legacy is littered with opportunities squandered to solidify support from the center and the right with gestures as slight as verbal support and showing fortitude over cya. I knew what we had early on and Obama is not failing to reinforce my low opinion of himself.
Cowardice is as Coward does. In the end Iran will have the bomb and the Middle East will be an unsolvable mess except for the War Obama is ensuring. He has been given this gift to change the dynamic in Iran and is instead siding with radical Islam, go figure.

I wonder if Obama is earning his peace prize right now?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Usurpation of Our Nation

Step by step Obama and company are whittling away at our National sovereignty and our individual freedoms. It is as though there is a distinct plan to complete this task in as short order as possible, with the door closing and the 2010 election standing in the way of this unchecked power grab.

When I first heard about the Interpol amendment it caused just a slight blip on my radar screen. Not ever dreaming that even Obama would cede our sovereignty in such a direct and solitary manner. Who does this man think he is? He has not even come up with a reason for such a concession as of yet. When the leftists were howling about George W. Bush and the Patriot act opening up violations to our civil liberties do they think it better to give all that power to a foreign entity? At the least the Patriot act could be rescinded or phased out, but this amendment our Dear leader has put into law is going beyond Congress and beyond the Supreme Court, even beyond the Executive as it stands as written.

Executive Order 12425 was written by Ronald Reagan to give interpol diplomatic immunity, but only to a degree that our own Police and Constitution enjoyed. Now Obama has seen fit to take away a few sentences and put Interpol above the Law and Constitution. It is amazing to me and I don't even want to imagine the nefarious implications that this sets into motion. Where are the checks and balances to this man? Where are the Libertarians? Where is the news media? Is everybody so focused on that Lion Cheetah Tiger? Or is the new shoe/ leg bomber the latest distraction? Or another Obama trip to Hawaii? The Pope getting knocked down will take our eyes off the ball for a few minutes, coupled with a big snow storm right in the middle of Global Warming, add in a last minute Health Care take over deal and there you have it. All the cover a rascal needs to undermine just about as much Sovereign structure as is needed, and to accomplish exactly what? Try to put our military and Bush and Cheney on trial for War crimes some day? I am beginning to see that may be what this is all about. This President is becoming every day closer and closer to igniting the beginning stages of a Civil War, and to think he campaigned on being able to heal the divisions in this Nation, I only see him driving wedges in every little crack and fissure.

It is comical that the very things the Leftists are doing right now are the things they always accused and imagined were going on in their opposition. And Obama is setting the very precedent to criminalize his own actions. The only way out of this for Him could be to become permanent ruler.
Perish the thought.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas To All

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Sign of the Times

Sometimes we get a signal from above and it lets us all know we are headed in the right direction, or wrong , depending on the outcome. An omen can come in a personal relationship or in International Worldwide Colloquy. The premonition can be heeded or ignored and the consequences could be positive, minimal or terminal.

When I receive such directive I just thank the good Lord he cares enough to correct me and guide me.

Russia claimed they were running a test of an intercontinental ballistic missile when it malfunctioned. I wonder why they were testing a missile at the same time President Obama was accepting his Nobel Peace Prize? And in another interesting coincidence the super collider was recently restarted and the Scientists are back to attempting to recreate a big bang! I wonder if the theory of Space aliens watching over us here on Earth is a possibility, and perhaps they are concerned we will soon obtain the ability to annihilate all living things in their little aquarium.

Monday, December 07, 2009

The Full Frontal Assault

The shadow Government is being put in place. The timing of the release of EPA conclusions on CO2 with Copenhagen World Climate meetings is uncanny. Its unreal to me that in the face of a declining economy and naturally declining CO2 levels we will ground our ship over a naturally occurring by product. How dare they claim CO2 is a pollutant, what are we all to do, stop breathing? Trees need CO2 so what happens when we eliminate it to them?
The breakneck speed of the takeover is coinciding with the revelations of manipulations in the data and the challenge to the narrative that the Global Warming aka Climate Change. The one world Government is what is behind the Global Warming Hoax and while the Bible predicts this will happen I will continue to fight the insanity that will lower our standard of living at best and ignite WW3 at worst. If we follow this thing through to where political "leaders" are taking US and the world we will see a mess like none other, guaranteed.