Thursday, January 31, 2008

File this under Global Warming

I know Global Warming has to be responsible, even when it gets colder.
Its happening everywhere, what are we to do? Even where it is least expected , like here. It doesn't always quite fit the template. We could very well be in a warming phase of the Earth's weather patterns. But it is mighty presumptuous to think we will be able to undo God's handiwork. Maybe we are doing exactly what He expects us to do and everything is going in the Lord's desired direction. That is what I will choose to believe. Before John McCain jumps on this bandwagon maybe he should beware of the secular humanist globalists trying to create a bureaucracy that will live longer than the misdirectional alarmism manifesting itself right now as "Global Warming".

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Union that could Strengthen All

I know there could be Draw backs, but it makes some sense. A North American Union could be the most powerful force in the world. Our continent could not easily be attacked(easily defended), only the unification of 3 different yet mutually industrious peoples would need to mesh seamlessly. Taking the good qualities and resources and forsaking our negative nationalistic defensiveness attitudes. It could work if honestly and properly applied.
I wonder how patriotic Mexicans and Canadians feel about merging 3 very different yet very similar national agendas and geographic brothers and sisters into one Union that could be similar to how the United States was intended to become. States with seperate Governments and a Unified National Geographic Consensus. All locales working in unison, in true brotherhood of communities. We could all maintain our individual constitutions, but adopt a commonality of mutual constitutional rights, the one that are redundant within each system. Our Southern neighbors are just waiting to break out with their very industrious natures and good work ethics. The established rules of law in Canada and the United States could give Mexico the backbone it needs to battle the corruption and lawless behaviour ingrained by centuries of status quo. Our continent could do this, remain, become, (as a unified bloc) the world's super power well into the 22nd century, if we plan now. The global economy has definite divisions and allegiences, we must remain stronger than any.
Paying Attention:

Sometimes if you hang in there long enough the dots will connect themselves.
The Clinton /Liberal machinations have an intersting thread. Start with Bill Clinton allowing missile technology to China, see where the Liberals and Clintons are funded, look who is supporting, backing, and praying for Liberals to regain the Whitehouse. Who is standing to profit? Who has invested millions upon millions in a Liberal takeover of our Government.
George Soros is quoted as saying "It will be very difficult to avoid recession here and in England", that would surely benefit a bottom feeder like himself. Note how he tips his hand where his $mart money is going...China!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Time and Times

The balance the whole world is pivoting upon could not be more precarious. If the world economy is driven by American consumers and American consumers are influenced by Left-tilting Media, socialism and confiscatory tax rates are a stone throw away. I keep harping on the Biblical prophecies that predict a one world Government and monetary system and eventually a leader who will betray all. Every day it seems we draw a little closer to that possibility(eventuality) becoming reality. People want to be secure; financially, personally, physically, and mentally. We are setting the stage for these things to happen, which happen they must, if God predicted it. I am witnessing all the time people willing to trade more freedoms away for a perception of more security. I am not talking about law enforcement either. I believe in the law and the ability for officers to investigate criminals, be they identity thieves, terrorists, child abusers, drug dealers, practitioners of violence, and any other blue or white collar thief. I worry most about letting the Nanny Government tell us what to eat, how to discipline our kids, how we should conduct our lives within their maze of a tax-code, leading us by the nose where they think we should go. Pitting classes against one another, races getting preferential treatments, addressing problems at the moment of "crisis". We are all in this together, One Nation Under God. At least we used to be, now we are willing to become One multi-cultural Nation with many Gods, or no God. One Nation chasing a buck, bailing out the stupid, pitying the fools, playing with fire, worshipping celebrities and self, asking no tough questions , demanding no honest answers, ends justifying means, looking for someone to take care of us, letting someone else do the hard work, giving up, and ultimately setting the stage for our spectacular fall. As hopeless as I feel from time to time in our nations ability to stay upright, I must remember this scripture ~ If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.~ 2Chronicles 7:14 The key word is MY People not the unbelievers, but the believers in the Lord God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ. We must believe and pray and repent, allowing ourselves to do the work that God has in mind for each and every one of us.
I say these words as an exhortation to myself, also, not as a preacher who has attained these ideals. But if I can keep reminding myself, maybe I will gain the strength to overcome. It is all wishful thinking, and desiring above all else to please God.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gambling with Our Futures

Speculators are hedging their bets, playing both sides. They will make money if the market goes up or the market drops. It's all a game to those with big money. One man's misfortune is another mans opportunity. What a glorious time to buy a foreclosed property, scoop up someones dream and cash it into living a life without having to really work (flip this house). I guess thats the way of the world, do your best and let the chips fall where they may. Maybe you will come out ahead, or maybe you too, will lose. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Playing it safe will only get you so far. The world keeps turning whether we are on it or we fall off.
The recent mortgage meltdown is part and parcel of the greater weakness of humankind. Greed and the fear of being left behind have pushed many to gamble with their futures. This gambling is similar to going to a casino, picking stocks, or buying into get rich-quick schemes. I believe capitalism can always cure itself within the markets, market forces, and supply and demand. As long as lying and shysterism are not prevalent. I see a lot of people out there with a lot of money to throw around (fancy cars, fancy rims, jewelry, lifestyles, and hedonism abounds), and when we are all talking about and fearing the next recession it rings a little hollow. The economy breathes and sometimes it is quite necessary to slow down the growth so prices remain in check. Like the price per barrel of oil dropping over 10$ a barrel the last few days, hallelujah! And will that translate to the pump?!? Wherein abides a wealth of disposable income. Maybe worldwide recession can destroy jihadists and their petrowealth. And the real estate prices coming back down to earth will help the next generation of new homeowners to afford the American dream. But politicians butting in and monkeying with the free market always prolongs and protracts these troubles.
The dog eat dog nature of life wears me down from time to time, and I have to find a way to recharge my batteries. Friends and prayers are the answers. We all seek to stay sane and filled with the Holy Spirit, God renews us as we draw toward his perpetual grace. As long as we stay alive we will have to withstand the fiery darts of the enemy. No stranger cares if you give up and give in. Standing strong strengthens ourselves and anyone who is near enough to witness the power of the Spirit in action. We can be a good example and inspiration, even as we are battling through the desert of hopelessness.
Don't give up without a fight.

Friday, January 18, 2008

World NewsWatch January 18, 2008 A.D.

I'm not sure just doing anything is the right answer to what ails our economy. Great growth for 6+ years should be tempered with a cooling period, that is how inflation stays in check. The real problem was we were racing ahead of a natural correction and the greed kept US all from heeding the warning signs. I wonder if part of Bush's strategy to pay for the war was to allow the illegal aliens into our country to accelerate the growth, thereby adding to the housing increase that has paid the bills, but subsequently inevitably collapsed. With a softening of consumer spending which has coincided (ironically)with the drumbeat of "recession" from the mainstream media. Say it often enough and it will eventually filter down to buying habits of ordinary Americans. The growth we were experiencing was obviously too fast paced if it had to include millions of illegal aliens to get the job done. Now we will all pay the price. At least the coming solution may not be a partisan, finger-pointing, hand-wringing, self-flagellation. But more than likely it will be a move a step late and misguided, for all it's well meaning.

This scares the Hell out of me. I know there is a threshold out there that when we step over it, God Almighty will slam the human race, and put us in our place. Beware!

I had a feeling before I read this article that it would most likely sidestep the real reason in my mind. Ultrasound. Now women are seeing that unviable tissue mass for what it really is, a Baby!! Thank God women are coming to their senses however they get there. But I believe it is more than just better contraception and fewer abortion mills, I believe the Holy Spirit is working through our prayers to stop this blot on the civilized world, one life at a time.

How could such a brilliant man be such a dunderhead? Chess was something I lived, ate, drank, and slept back at the time of his heyday. Bobby Fisher was my hero then, and I am saddened that he passed away so young. He left the world the way he left his country, without the full honor he deserved, in the end.

I am never ceasing to be amazed by the capability of these evil-doers to do evil. It doesn't matter if it's Sunni vs. Shi'i, Sunni vs. American, Sunni vs. Sunni, Shi'i vs. Shi'i, Shi'i against Amerrican. Jew ahteist Christian etc. etc. They live to fight and fight to live.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

"I Propose Peace"

I have always supported President Bush in regard to defending freedom by confronting the tide of totalitarianistic religious/political barbarians masquerading beneath the veil of Islam. I have supported Bush within our country on domestic issues relating to life, and the economy. However a few lapses in judgement(perceived) has wavered my belief that he really knows what the ramifications will become.
Take immigration, closing the barn door after the horses are gone is a complete failure of a prime duty of the President. The oath is to protect US against enemies foreign and domestic. Nothing is more domestic than our borders. That is what makes US a nation.
And now the President is stepping into the mud puddle of Middle East Peace shows another glaring lack of good judgement and common knowledge. However good the intentions may be, something created at the end of his term cannot be guaranteed beyond his seat of power. Or Abbas', or Olmert's. The people in Israel have to live surrounded by enemies, and if they cannot strategically defend their nation things will go bad in a hurry. I wonder if Bush's pollyanna approach to this conundrum is being directed by God almighty, or one man's desire to "bring peace" where peace cannot come until the return of our Lord. Because if it is directed by God then pieces are in motion and the end times are drawing nearer than we might want to think. I know President Bush is praying hard to do the right thing, I just wonder if pride and doing great things might be clouding his fallible judgement. Unable to claim to have done the right thing on quite a few things here in America where it should be relatively easy, I wonder if this has been thought through to it's logical conclusion.