Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Union that could Strengthen All

I know there could be Draw backs, but it makes some sense. A North American Union could be the most powerful force in the world. Our continent could not easily be attacked(easily defended), only the unification of 3 different yet mutually industrious peoples would need to mesh seamlessly. Taking the good qualities and resources and forsaking our negative nationalistic defensiveness attitudes. It could work if honestly and properly applied.
I wonder how patriotic Mexicans and Canadians feel about merging 3 very different yet very similar national agendas and geographic brothers and sisters into one Union that could be similar to how the United States was intended to become. States with seperate Governments and a Unified National Geographic Consensus. All locales working in unison, in true brotherhood of communities. We could all maintain our individual constitutions, but adopt a commonality of mutual constitutional rights, the one that are redundant within each system. Our Southern neighbors are just waiting to break out with their very industrious natures and good work ethics. The established rules of law in Canada and the United States could give Mexico the backbone it needs to battle the corruption and lawless behaviour ingrained by centuries of status quo. Our continent could do this, remain, become, (as a unified bloc) the world's super power well into the 22nd century, if we plan now. The global economy has definite divisions and allegiences, we must remain stronger than any.

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Mirjam Hoch said...

They are talking a lot about the coming presidential elections in the US in the european press so it's interesting to read you blog. By the way I'll soon put some pictures from my coming visit to the US on my blog. After my assessment exams at Uni (that will hopefully be successful) I'll be on holiday in the US for the first time. I'll visit NY and a friend in Memphis. Thank you for your challenging blog.