Wednesday, March 28, 2007

World NewsWatch March 28, 2007 A.D.

Iran steps up their persona to pariah. This whole situation makes me wonder what they are really up to. Are they checking how their actions translate into oil futures? Testing the British resolve? They're walking a tightrope and egging on action by the U.S.A. We must resist the desire to "drop the big one". As much as Iran is asking for a spanking showing them to be the liars they are and continuing U.N. sanctions seems better than giving them a martyr status that will rally support around Ahmadinajhad. Who has been losing the support of the Iranian people, by the way. I do like the option of cutting off the straits to shipments and whoa! it's too bad your only refinery had a bad accident. We do need to support the sane peace loving Iranians who outnumber the radicalized Ayotollah loving death mongers.

Even though these two antagonists will never stop this activity notice how they are taking it out of the range of the 'surge'. Also the frequency of the attacks has decreased, at least it seems to me but who's keeping score?

I really hate being too afraid to take the vacation of a lifetime which would more than likely be somewhere pretty far away. And the only logical way would be to fly. If it's not terrorism my luck it would be a meteor, or a Russian satellite.

Stock are up, stocks are down, if my accountant tells me to invest in my I.R.A. I will know the money is going down a Rat hole.

One of these days there will be a mutation from Hell.

Oh Winona you must have been unequally yoked by that joke.

The story that will not die. Ana what a mess you left behind.

I don't care what anybody thinks Harry has to survive. I came late to this party but I am smitten now and might even stand in line in July. Nah, I will just order it in advance and pay a ridiculous price for the only hardback volume in this series that I will own. Hats off to J.K., this really is a masterpiece.
The Silent Killers

Elizabeth Edwards got a lot of love in the media for her recurrence of cancer. It appears, at least on the radio news, Tony Snow will as well. Two individuals on the opposite side of the political spectrum, the same dreaded diagnosis. Some people had challenged the Edwards' on their decision to continue the campaign for the Presidency. Maybe the Edwards' are looking for sympathy, or maybe they really believe John should be the next President of the US. We cannot judge for them what they need to accomplish in their lifetimes. Tony Snow will probably be back to work as soon as he can, too. I am sure he will feel better if he is fulfilling and completing his efforts to serve the country. Both these families have young children to think about, also. Time is short anyway, but this has to put a premium on every moment. This may be an opportunity for all Americans to come together and realize when we put aside our differences we are all closely connected by the same fate. Nobody will get out of here alive. This is a great chance to pray for these public people who are facing the same thing that millions of people all around the world are facing every day. Seeing my birth mother go through the exact same thing that Elizabeth Edwards is facing makes me feel compassion and sympathy toward her and her family. Katie Couric saw her husband go through the exact same thing as Tony Snow will have to face, I hope she can put aside partisan hackery and show compassion.
They call Cancer a silent killer, but I don't think diabetes or Heart atttacks, or anyeurisms, blood clots, ALS, or Cystic Fibrosis or any other hellish disease yells out to you as it kills indiscriminately. All we can do is pray that there may be a miraculous cure, and if one does not come, pray for the people that are suffering. And that they know the Lord or come to believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Saviour. In some ways people with a lengthy illness are luckier than those cut down quickly by accident or mishap. They have an opportunity to get right with God, and say goodbye to loved ones. And can show true strength and courage in a situation there is little they can do anything about.
We have to have Faith. It also puts in perspective what an accomplishment all the people who live on into their seventies and eighties and beyond have done. Beaten great odds and deserve much respect. A lot of us think since the average age is what? mid seventies now, that we will make it . But every day is a gift from God and should be treated as such. You never know when your number will come up, and like that one W.W.II vet said on his secret to longevity, "Every day I change my number."

Monday, March 19, 2007

It's All About the Image

Is all this anti-War protesting really about restoring America's image to the world? Or are the protesters posing for their friends, to see who is the most progressive and sensitive? When all you can base your actions on are feelings then you will be like a little boat tossed on a turbulent sea. Our Nation is like an Ocean Liner, together we can glide over the rough patches .
I would gladly support our troops with a counter protest, but I have to do my part for our great economy. It seems comical that a few thousand here or there get all the press, because they can afford (with their Govt. check?) to take a day or two off to protest what could have endeed up being a great benefit to our country, to install an ally right in the heart of the Darkness. Alas the hatred for one individual blinded many to all reason and benefit to a bold action that may have payed dividends for generations. We all have to live with our collective actions, hopefully we all have our countries best interests at heart.
All things work together to the glory of God so whichever way this war turns out I have faith that it will be God's Will in the end.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sense and Sensibility

It appears the American Public is in for another round of misdirection and hide the ball stories. The media seem incapable of telling a full story, conveniently leaving out anything that would make the Bush Administration look effective, competent, or honestly just trying to do the right thing. Not that everything the B.A. does is right, but surely it can't all be wrong, can it? Every single action sinister and nefarious? The slanted coverage really is getting downright ridiculous. We are probably being so saturated with this angle of reporting that when Barack or Hillary win the public will just give up and have no interest in cross checking the truthfulness of what the media dishes to it. Thank God for the new media where facts and truth can come to light. We don't have to be like the dog that goes running off to chase the fake throw while the mainstream media congratulates themselves on another fine story.
I wonder what this ruse is really distracting US from.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Local NewsWatch March 16, 2007A.D.

Train Trestle Fire burns out of control for second Day North of Sacramento. The plume of smoke can be seen as far away as Fairfield and Martinez. The engineers had to cut the tracks loose to save the bridge. As of now no direct cause had been determined. Maybe a terroristic act of sabotage? Probably not!?!

College Basketball Tournament comes to Sacramento. The March Madness means some decent Basketball will be played at Arco Arena. It was cool to see the Goodyear blimp flying over our house today.

Spring is in the air, Allergy season has arrived with a vengeance, for some. It is just the grasses now , some must still dread the tree pollen.

A spate of bad parenting has struck our area, Mothers having sex with their teenagers friends, encouraging fighting, one even okayed a bb gun shooting, allowing drinking, and drug use. What the heck is going on? And these instances were the ones that were found out, so you know there are a lot more undetected. I just have to wonder how a grown woman would desire to have sex with a boy. And how must that make the husband feel. Was she shutting him down? Too tired? Was the whole idea to give your soon to be ex husband one good last low blow? These parents and in these cases mothers must be more interested in being "friends" with their kids than teaching them right from wrong and good morality. It's a sad world.

Kid found hanging in park ruled an accident. Tentatively, this really makes little sense. The tragedies that come and go make you want to pray to God to save these young impressionable souls. But from what and toward what? Just existing so you can feed your narcissistic demon for another day is not what the good Lord has in mind.

Build it, Dam it! Many would still like to see the Auburn Dam get finished, too, since the flood protection is immense and the hydroelectric power will be sorely needed. Also, wouldn't it be cool to drive to Cool quickly and directly?

Sherrif Deputies having phone sex at the jail, what an idiotic way to lose your job. I hope it was as good for the inmates, too. The husband and wife deputy team sound like real winners, I guess oversexed, out of control, ignoramus' come in all packages.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wishful Thinking:

Maybe advancing the secterian war could have been an intentional proxy instigation tactic that a still vastly superior US Military Global Outreach Complex created to upend the Islamists hold on the energy industry components and delivery.
Whatever the tactic to blunt the Islamo-Fascist movement is acceptable here. They have a Dogged Exigent Fervor to reduce the Western Supremacy to ashes. We stand in the way of their Global Caliphate. The pitting of their D.E.F. against our Terminal Tolerance will likely bring about the next World War.
The West in general and the U.S. in particular have handed the Islamascists all the tools they need to do US in. An economy that runs on their chief export, an unwillingness to get as brutal as our enemy, the crazy notion that their religion and Christianity are co-equal, and the inability to define them by their actions. If our "imperial designs" only benefitted ourselves there would be good reason to object. But it seems to me that we (Coalition Forces) are the only major players on the world stage who think about other countries along with our own interests.
Using a Judo move like turning their hatred of all things onto themselves is quite brilliant. Their alignments with China, Russia and Latin American Communists are a little more sobering. But all these fiefdoms could never unite beyond the rallying cry of Death to America. That will eventually be their Acchilles Heel. But will our country still be recognizable to US when that day comes?
Steadfastness and rightousness are the keys to our Nation staying at the pinnacle of benign power. When we forget why we are here we will surely be Lost.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

World NewsWatch March 7 2007 A.D.

I shouldn't even comment on this one. But at least I'm not alone. Sex in the City must have been about the exception, not the rule. Hard work always makes me sleep better, maybe some people have it too easy. Stress is definitely a factor but medication is not the answer. Maybe they are overtired and therefore cannot get a good nights sleep. Husbands help out with the Kids and it might pay dividends. Sometimes we men are too tired also, but we're always willing to give it a try. It must be one of the benefits of being easier to please.

Edwards was just lucky anyone noticed him for something other than his house hypocrisy. He will get more mileage out of Ann's joke than He desereves. But given an inch He took a mile and His ruminations on what Jesus would think make you wonder just how savvy this guy really is. "Let me just draw attention to my sanctimonious two Americas theme".

Will they still be fighting in "Heaven" when they get to Allah for who will be the Martyr?

There's probably nowhere for all these people to go, but it seems that Indonesia is not where I would ever feel comfortable. And not just because it's right there in the Ring of Fire, but because it seems like something bad happens there every couple days. Permanent Prayers for Indonesia.

Go on, you big Bear, flex those muscles. No one will say anything bad about you. They might just fall off a five story building, or swallow some polonium-210, or get shot a couple times. We all need to realise these guys need to be center stage.

Maybe all of our illegal aliens are getting tired.

Isn't it amazing that China's the source of so many bugs?

I hope this situation does not have to be politicized before our priorities are straight.

Michael Newdow would be proud. Now he won't have to look at money and feel bad. And it's His lucky day, there may be proof Darwin was right after all.

The America haters are going to Love this comic book, except it kind of shows Liberalism run amok, so maybe the end won't justify the means.

I know they must feel like they're running out of time what with reports coming out that the surge is already having a positive effect. The Party of Defeat seems willing to try anything to secure the defeat they so desperately have to place at the feet of President Bush.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Where do We go from Here?

The Bush Administration claims to support the troops, but it took a scandalous expose' to reveal deplorable conditions our warriors have to endure after they risk everything for US and come home wounded. I know on the one hand the Executives would never want anything like this to happen, but it did. On the other hand the opposition will just use it as a wedge. After these brave soldiers go out and fight for all Americans and the whole free world, the least we can do is make sure they are well cared for when their bodies are broken and their minds are in anguish.
President Bush wants more money to fight over there and the Democrat opposition is trying to tack on pork at home. When the Republicans were in charge of the purse they did the same thing. So the Republican Administration supports the War, and the Democrat Opposition opposes the fighting but will use the War so they can spend. It seems both sides are not fully committed to victory first. Our wounded fighting Men and Women deserve more than We can give them, and do not deserve to become the rope in a game of Tug-of-War.
I am sure now that this situation has come to light it will be corrected, I wonder why it took so long for anybody to complain. Sometimes things cannot get fixed until you know it's broken. But just because something is not all right does not mean it is all wrong.