Monday, March 19, 2007

It's All About the Image

Is all this anti-War protesting really about restoring America's image to the world? Or are the protesters posing for their friends, to see who is the most progressive and sensitive? When all you can base your actions on are feelings then you will be like a little boat tossed on a turbulent sea. Our Nation is like an Ocean Liner, together we can glide over the rough patches .
I would gladly support our troops with a counter protest, but I have to do my part for our great economy. It seems comical that a few thousand here or there get all the press, because they can afford (with their Govt. check?) to take a day or two off to protest what could have endeed up being a great benefit to our country, to install an ally right in the heart of the Darkness. Alas the hatred for one individual blinded many to all reason and benefit to a bold action that may have payed dividends for generations. We all have to live with our collective actions, hopefully we all have our countries best interests at heart.
All things work together to the glory of God so whichever way this war turns out I have faith that it will be God's Will in the end.

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