Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sense and Sensibility

It appears the American Public is in for another round of misdirection and hide the ball stories. The media seem incapable of telling a full story, conveniently leaving out anything that would make the Bush Administration look effective, competent, or honestly just trying to do the right thing. Not that everything the B.A. does is right, but surely it can't all be wrong, can it? Every single action sinister and nefarious? The slanted coverage really is getting downright ridiculous. We are probably being so saturated with this angle of reporting that when Barack or Hillary win the public will just give up and have no interest in cross checking the truthfulness of what the media dishes to it. Thank God for the new media where facts and truth can come to light. We don't have to be like the dog that goes running off to chase the fake throw while the mainstream media congratulates themselves on another fine story.
I wonder what this ruse is really distracting US from.

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