Wednesday, March 07, 2007

World NewsWatch March 7 2007 A.D.

I shouldn't even comment on this one. But at least I'm not alone. Sex in the City must have been about the exception, not the rule. Hard work always makes me sleep better, maybe some people have it too easy. Stress is definitely a factor but medication is not the answer. Maybe they are overtired and therefore cannot get a good nights sleep. Husbands help out with the Kids and it might pay dividends. Sometimes we men are too tired also, but we're always willing to give it a try. It must be one of the benefits of being easier to please.

Edwards was just lucky anyone noticed him for something other than his house hypocrisy. He will get more mileage out of Ann's joke than He desereves. But given an inch He took a mile and His ruminations on what Jesus would think make you wonder just how savvy this guy really is. "Let me just draw attention to my sanctimonious two Americas theme".

Will they still be fighting in "Heaven" when they get to Allah for who will be the Martyr?

There's probably nowhere for all these people to go, but it seems that Indonesia is not where I would ever feel comfortable. And not just because it's right there in the Ring of Fire, but because it seems like something bad happens there every couple days. Permanent Prayers for Indonesia.

Go on, you big Bear, flex those muscles. No one will say anything bad about you. They might just fall off a five story building, or swallow some polonium-210, or get shot a couple times. We all need to realise these guys need to be center stage.

Maybe all of our illegal aliens are getting tired.

Isn't it amazing that China's the source of so many bugs?

I hope this situation does not have to be politicized before our priorities are straight.

Michael Newdow would be proud. Now he won't have to look at money and feel bad. And it's His lucky day, there may be proof Darwin was right after all.

The America haters are going to Love this comic book, except it kind of shows Liberalism run amok, so maybe the end won't justify the means.

I know they must feel like they're running out of time what with reports coming out that the surge is already having a positive effect. The Party of Defeat seems willing to try anything to secure the defeat they so desperately have to place at the feet of President Bush.

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