Wednesday, March 28, 2007

World NewsWatch March 28, 2007 A.D.

Iran steps up their persona to pariah. This whole situation makes me wonder what they are really up to. Are they checking how their actions translate into oil futures? Testing the British resolve? They're walking a tightrope and egging on action by the U.S.A. We must resist the desire to "drop the big one". As much as Iran is asking for a spanking showing them to be the liars they are and continuing U.N. sanctions seems better than giving them a martyr status that will rally support around Ahmadinajhad. Who has been losing the support of the Iranian people, by the way. I do like the option of cutting off the straits to shipments and whoa! it's too bad your only refinery had a bad accident. We do need to support the sane peace loving Iranians who outnumber the radicalized Ayotollah loving death mongers.

Even though these two antagonists will never stop this activity notice how they are taking it out of the range of the 'surge'. Also the frequency of the attacks has decreased, at least it seems to me but who's keeping score?

I really hate being too afraid to take the vacation of a lifetime which would more than likely be somewhere pretty far away. And the only logical way would be to fly. If it's not terrorism my luck it would be a meteor, or a Russian satellite.

Stock are up, stocks are down, if my accountant tells me to invest in my I.R.A. I will know the money is going down a Rat hole.

One of these days there will be a mutation from Hell.

Oh Winona you must have been unequally yoked by that joke.

The story that will not die. Ana what a mess you left behind.

I don't care what anybody thinks Harry has to survive. I came late to this party but I am smitten now and might even stand in line in July. Nah, I will just order it in advance and pay a ridiculous price for the only hardback volume in this series that I will own. Hats off to J.K., this really is a masterpiece.

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