Wednesday, April 04, 2007

World NewsWatch April 4 2007 A.D.

Oh to be in England, for only afamo- for when they speak of bravery, how far back do we have to go? World War II ?, the Falkland Islands ?, New Wave? As staunch of an ally as the U.S. has ever had, now we are going into battle with an unarmed, neutered, shell of their ass-kicking former selves. Oh how difficult will the winning be should previous stalwart battle partners become uncommitted bystanders at best. Nefarious traitors at the worst. The time has come for the West to stand strong. And when the going gets tough is not the time to fold. Weakness has been displayed by both Britain and America. It seems as if this episode of Taking Hostage gets remade over and over but the plot and the ending are always the same. We give some ground and they take. Notice how no-one is talking about Iran enriching uranium anymore. Now, everyone is talking about a few hostages, wow , what an Easter present, steal some people, and terrorize them, and give them back. You have got to admire Iran on the ballsy, in your face diplomacy. They are not being politically correct, but their agenda's inertia has not been deterred, either. By any action England or the United States of America take. We may have gotten a desirable result, hostages released, but at the price of losing face, I am not sure our stance was rigid enough not to invite another kidnapping, another provocation, at another time. Both these great countries seem incapable of sustaining the 'will to survive at any cost' mentality we will need to vanquish an enemy that will use our greatest vitrue/vulnerability againsy us. Our desire that everyone should be able to worship God the Way they seem fit.

It doesnt matter what we call it as long as we call it victory. Why does everything worthwhile necessitate an acronym or a catchphrase? The "War on Terrror" is a little ambiguous, I call it the "War on Militant Islamic Agression", or W.W. 4 for short.

O.K. now I am defeated, this all time classic Christmas movie must be watched every year. This is so sad. Traffic accidents are so randomly exacted the tragedy is quantified.

You can't take it with you. I have never heard of this person before' . It just goes to show - you can be huge over there and no-one has ever even heard about you over here. Reading about her, she sounds like a very nice person who will have bettered the lives of many, a worthy legacy for anyone. The only true equalizer death :and birth are the times we are all in the same boat, so to speak.

What Death to America would really mean. Death to the world. We can lead, because someone has to.

Just when despair comes, and you think the rest of the world is stumbling blindly, into the ditch, comes a ray of light.

Reading news stories is a little like watching the weather report when it is most important you know what could happen. There are certain words that should indicate wishful thinking or reality. Maybe, a chance of , possibly; all these words that give a window into the mind of the author can be identified as not sure. It will , when, and after all; all indicate the affirmation of supposition with conviction. Read carefully! It's likely you will see the enigma.

It's a little too little, too little, too late. It's kind of funny making sure it is known that McCarthy was a Republican, as if a Republican then is the same as a Republican now. Like J.F.K. and modern day Democrats'. Come on and just report, let US decide. Ha!

Oh Keith , and to think that I once pledged allegience to Rock and Roll, also. It gives me the creeps. I will pray for you, you are a survivor who still has a chance. Renounce the foul spirit and walk in the light. I hope your genius was your own.

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Olivia said...

Hi JohnnyT. I like to read your blog, though there are things that I do not understand, since my english is not very good. I hope that everything is ok.

Kisses my friend in the distance.