Saturday, April 21, 2007

World NewsWatch April 21, 2007 A.D.

"The War is lost" says Harry Reid, 'American patriot and revered statesman'. What an ignominious way to present "opposition" of the war to the world and our adversaries. This shameful statement is unworthy of an elected representative of even a rathole, let alone a conservative bastion like Nevada. Harry will live to regret displaying his cowardice and defeatism in such a dispicable public clamor. I still cannot believe the people of Nevada would put a guy like this into office, and then keep him there. But then again, here in California we have Feinstein and Boxer, go figure. Since Harry hitched his wagon to our loss in Iraq he will have to ride it all the way back to the barn. Git out yer shovels!

There is still hope for our country, however tenacious it may seem at the time. The vote for President really does mean something. With Bush we get Alito and Roberts, with Clinton (past or present)we get a Ruth Bader Ginsburg. God help the abortion doctor who would ever beguile a daughter of mine into submitting to this most heinous procedure. Then again aren't we all our brothers (sisters) keepers? And don't tell me only a woman can write an opinion on the law regarding an operation that is obviously such an affront to our God? No civilized nation would ever prosper allowing this most ghoulish practice to ever be any kind of answer to any "problem" like the "problem" of unwanted pregnancy. Our country needs growth in our population to continue moving forward. Growth in the birth rate of citizens, not just immigration, illegal or legal. If that thought makes me a xenophobe, so be it. United we stand, divided we will fall.

The voice of a compassionate liberal has been heard. I know liberals think themselves better and more caring than conservatives. How an enlightened individual could ever talk to their daughter this way says a lot about the abundance of the heart. I know most liberals would never say anything like Alec did, but the hypocrisy is interesting to juxtapose.

All we have to fear is ... What the Clintons would do. I had heard conjecture in the past that Hillary would make Bill U.N. Ambassador, and at the time, 2 years or more ago, it seemed like tripe. Now that it is being floated in a trial balloon my worst fears are realized. This would really take the cake for power plays. And how would any world leader take this man seriously? His charming personality, good looks, or his empty rhetoric? Be afraid, be very afraid. We might be witnessing the rise of a cult, the resurgence of a Clinton dynasty. Don't revolving co-presidents violate the term limitations of the office?

If you aren't a liberal Democrat politician in their eyes you are breaking the law, or will be found to have broken the law after the investigative dust settles. I guess then that to be a successful politician you can't know anybody, say anything, or have any religous beliefs that could be construed as anything other than liberal secular humanist. It is amazing that anybody other than a Lawyer would try to be a politician, or is anybody other than a Lawyer a politician?

Rosie O'Donnel must be holding out some damaging information on some higher ups in her network. How else could someone who is obviously so intellectually inferior have such a podium to express inane babble. But wait there's more. Is NBC's NFL pre-game show trying to lose viewership here? Maybe the only idiot who makes Rosie appear to have half a wit is Keith Olberman, I think I have to write their respective networks and let them know I for one rank these two lower than Imus on the dingbat scale. If they both will work for the same network I could hit two birds with one stone. Hasn't Olbermans over the top pomposity already failed in the sportscasting world once before?

What is it about mid to late April that causes so much evil to flow into the world. Hitler's birthday was April 20, Columbine was April 20, Cho's plunge into the abyss, April 17, Oklahoma City, April 19. And I am sure there are many other April days of infamy around the world. What is it about springtime and love in the air? Is it jealousy, or depression? We need a world day of prayer that God remove all evil from the world forever, but if that were to happen it would be the time of the end, so first we must get right, or get left.
Let US pray.

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