Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Comfortably Dumb

Why the American people poll to be against the war in Iraq is myriad and twofold. The constant media positioning that we are losing because people are dying only glosses around the edge. People will die at the hands of Islamocrazied fundamentally brainwashed backward seeking pea-brains whether we are in Iraq or not. We can choose to fight on a battlefield of our choice or react to their attacks of opportunity wherever they get in a lucky strike. By caving in to terrorist tactics you create more terrorists, not by killing them dead. They, the terrorists, are so weak the only way they succeed is by committing suicide, sounds like inevitably they will run out of willing "martyrs" to me. Standing strong and not wavering is really the only sound approach. Unfortunately those who would lead by polling will always be one step behind the actual consensus, which has always been -let's win.
The Democrat party wants to peg a loss on George W. Bush at any cost, and that to me is traitorous. There, I said it, if anybody in America would lose on a battlefield to gain a political victory that is just plain abhorrent. Those "leaders" cannot lead they only follow the path of least resistence right into the ditch. When our country gets attacked for no reason (9/11) the only logical response is to stamp out the vermin. Focus groups and polling won't eliminate a deadly foe. Make no mistake about it, these Islamic nutcases will not stop trying to achieve their vision. In their eyes they have already won a big battle, they have divided their enemy, and that is a winning strategy in any competition. They know their enemy. Westerners do not seek war. They know the party of the craven will capitulate. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And some among US (the Democrat 'leadership')find that,(Viet Nam) a worthwhile objective. If our country and the freedom loving people of the world united in vanquishing this cancerous ideology we could win easily. But some are just too afraid to stand up for their convictions. Is freedom for everyone? If it is not then none of us are truly free. Freedom has never just stayed around because it seemed like the best way to go, there has always been someone out there ready to take it away from someone else.
I choose to stand for what is right and when my time comes I wiil fight. Good will always triumph over evil, only when good men choose to do nothing does evil have a chance to prevail.


Anonymous said...

Kill all the jihadists, Let The Real God sort them out!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, yeah, right.

I take it Daniel was being "tongue in cheek"?

Guys, get out of Iraq.
Save the money for weaning America off oil. Get an Electric Vehicle industry running, build more rail, build more trams, upgrade your ports and shipping, and GET OFF THE OIL!

You guys are "addicted to oil" as your glorious leader stated so famously. By 2010 the final oil crisis will begin. Get off the oil and you won't need to fabricate WMD lies to cover your habit, so much like a junkie begging for cash "to call their sick sister in another state dude".

Anyone with a Christian conscience should be very aware of the very real humanitarian risks as we face the last oil crisis. It's time you realized that market mechanisms cannot work without the correct information, and that "the books on oil have been as fried as the books at Enron."

So stop the right-wing bullish rubbish, and come up with a plan that allows a Christian, compassionate plan for the end of oil... and one that also complies with the laws of physics. (There is no replacement for oil, everything is going to have to change.)

JohnnyT. said...

O.K. Dave I am "off" the oil, now what? How long until I starve. I have advocated alternative energy technology ever since I realized where we get our source of energy. But you know what, we have enough oil supplies right here in our own hemisphere to make the transition only there is no national effort. The environmentalists have tied US up everywhere in our own country. These same peaceniks then decry going out and fighting to protect the commodity unfortunately that is the lifeblood of the whole world economy. I don't really know who you mean by you guys but I am an American first, My party affiliation only goes so far as who is most closely doing their constitutional duty. First to provide security and liberty to live a free life. I hate the energy source that we have attached ourselves to but I am no Einstein or I would be working tirelessly to create a new fuel. And as someone who embraces capitalism I think that invention will make someone fabulously rich. And then they can use that money to feed the poor and heal the sick. So you see I have a plan.