Monday, May 25, 2009

What will Happen AFTER oBAMA ?

Will we be A OK?
Joe Bama or O'Biden will not be comparable to Barack Obama in his ability to continue these deceits, with or without any silver tongue. Eventually, maybe as long as 7 and a half years hence, we will have a new President. Unless Obama employs Hugo Chavez tactics. And, there will be no Joe Biden following up, slow Joe will be lucky to be on the ticket in 2012. So where does that leave our country? We are letting our dear leader shred our constitution, ironically, his supporters accused his predecessor of the same. But now look what we have, its actually happening and the left is happy about it, or are they? Maybe, until the next Republican wins the office.
The hipocrisy is astounding and enlightening to behold. It has been pointed out that every pledge Obama makes we get an opposite conclusion. He doesn't want to take over the car companies, we have Government Motor Co. now. Doesn't want to nationalize the banks and now we have the government dictating the pay of financial workers. Want to close Gitmo but cannot, wants to end the war but realizes we need to finish the victory first or it will be his defeat. Says we will have free choice on healthcare as we go into single payer system. Says Iran will not get the bomb as his "diplomacy" buys them the time needed to perfect the missile technology and the uranium enrichment, time they need. Obama also says he wants Israel to survive as he pushes them to give up strategic defensible territories, and share their land with a neighbor committed to their destruction.
At least we can begin to gauge who Obama is and where he wishes to take US by a reverse psychology. The pattern will inevitably make everything clear to anyone wishing to take the time to check it out. Some in this country will not be, are not being, taken by surprise.

Monday, May 18, 2009

You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

The State of California is at the brink of the precipice and we get to make a decision. Do we obligate ourselves to higher taxes and not even completely solving our problem, or do we vote down the Politicians buck passing gimmick and make them do their jobs, which will inevitably send the State hurtling toward insolvency? I have heard all the arguments, seen all the hyperventilating ($27 million from unions and political action committees, only $3 million trying to defeat these propositions)and I am in the solid majority on this one, to vote down all new spending propositions. All the money from the boomtimes didn't help things for the tax and spenders, perhaps being broke may bring fiscal sanity back into vogue.
Even when this state, which is the 9th largest economy in the world, was booming we could not balance our budgets year after year. But we kept voting in liberal politicians and voting in generous new social programs. The inevitable happened and the housing and financial bubbles burst, and this once prosperous State is now unable to meet all of its obligations. I have heard that we have spending in place by law that requires funding of programs and schools even if there is a bad year or two and no means to keep funding the mandated growth in these programs. This funding, which is mandated by law cannot be cut, right? That is the argument as to why we will have to cut law enforcement, firemen, schools and let criminals out of jails. All programs everybody agrees are necessary, but programs the politicians can scare us into the corner by threatening with cuts. Well, we voted to deny taxpayer funded services to illegal aliens and the courts threw that one out. We have voted to keep marriage between 1 man and 1 woman (twice!)and the courts are trying to throw that one out(again!) too. Some laws ordained by the people, I guess, are more easily taken from the people than other laws the courts want to see saved, or actually judicially legislated into existence.
The spending has to come to a stop and I have heard California has few options. One is bankruptcy which to me makes the most sense, we wont go anywhere and maybe we can rethink all the ridiculous unfunded mandates. People within and without this state will have to learn how we can live within our means and taxing our way to prosperity means everyone who can leave will. Another option is for Governor Schwarzenegger to go hat in hand to his bud Obama and beg his holiness to save this too big to fail state. The option we really cannot afford is to pass measures that will raise our taxes in a recession and reward irresponsible politicians who have bought votes by spending us into this hole. That option does not even provide a finishing solution, just time to figure out new taxes and fees. We need to get a handle on this spending problem, as goes California so goes the US.
Maybe California can lead the way in this country to fiscal sanity.
Vote NO on 1A through 1F

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Answer My Friend Is Twisting In the Wind

Will the Press smell the blood in the water and come gunning for San Fran Nan? I kinda doubt it, but they have shown a little more persistence than I ever gave them the credit for. I almost feel sorry for her, watching her dig deeper and deeper as she tries to lie her way through this contradiction. But I do not, knowing she is the cheapest and lowest form of political hack our country may have ever produced. The zest and zeal she has shown to try and lay snares and cast nets around her political opposition is the karma that will roast her on the spit. Playing politics with National security reeks to high heaven and her piles of lies are scattered all around her now, so she really has nowhere to step, but in it.
I heard references of how Nancy Pelosi is unworthy to even try lying on the National stage, following in the footsteps of a Barack Obama or a Bill Clinton. Two of the most masterful prevaricators to ever look US in the eye and unashamedly deceive without showing a shred of conscience or hesitation. I could even put George W. Bush in that list, just to be fair to the lefties, but the lies they hold fast to are not the ones I would choose to hold him accountable for. If it was "Lying" that kept US safe in the weeks and months after 9/11/2001, so be it, that was an unprecedented time in our Nations history, and we cant look at things from the vantage of having lots of victories against that enemy and have them on their heels, now. Pelosi is so obviously lawyering and weaseling her way through this even Jon Stewart cannot help himself but weigh in against her folly. And leftist comedians are the Democrat Party's last line of defense. Nancy Pelosi will not come through this as speaker of the house, it will be interesting to see who she implicates as she becomes more and more desperate to hold on to her royalty.
I think it is a perfect circle that as the Democrats were trying to criminalize the policies of the former administration it could possibly bite them on their rears. Obama is blowing up Pakistanis without reading them their Miranda rights. Guantanamo will prove impossible for Obama to close and interrogations will continue to be performed. The CIA is Obamas now and yet they work for the entire electorate. Afghanistan won't go away without a clear cut victory and Obama will own defeat there as well. Be careful what you wish for you just might get it? Someone needs to tell the far left wing of the Democrat Party they are boxing in 'their' President.
The liberal mindset often seems to be to act on emotions and never contemplate all the unintended consequences that can and do always present obstacles thanks to free will and our human condition. The only way to get everybody on board with their brand of utopia is to force US there. And that is the surest way to get resistence.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Surprise Surprise

Medicare and Social Security are going bankrupt? Even quicker than anyone thought? Well that is not news to anyone that pays attention to what is going on in the country. But educating the masses is about an impossible task for anyone on the conservative side. Most Americans, even the grossly uninformed, know there is little chance we will get anything from social security, at least not in the current, promised form that we get a notice about every year a month before our birthdays. I, for one, am all for moving back the retirement age. People are just living longer and we should not continue to go by the old baseline, when people retired at 62 and were dead before 70. The President is butting into private sector failures and has to get on with the big Government failures he was hired to work on. I guess the news on Social Security and Medicare is coming now to dovetail to the great Medical system jam down coming our way.
Congress is vowing to fix the medical system next, and that spells trouble. I can only imagine how that boondoggle will get paid for, rationed care? perhaps, skyrocketing taxes? maybe, cutting doctors pay? a likely scenario. None of those options seem to work for the American economy that is already in a tailspin. Any more drag will be like the ill fated pilot that brought the nose up as the air speed was slowing, disaster. As a citizen without any medical insurance, I am keenly aware of the personal disaster that awaits me if I cannot procure insurance coverage. I don't see why there cannot be two seperate levels of care and coverage. One level for people like me who just don't want to die or go bankrupt trying to stay alive and another level for people who can afford more. Government systems seem to be all or nothing, one size fits all, and I think that is where they all go wrong. Why can't the government train doctors and use those doctors nurses and support staff for their hospitals and clinics, paid for by their insurance program? One reason may be that it cannot be done overnight and that would deny any politician a "victory". All I know is nothing will happen right if politics become the endgame of the whole situation, this has to be about maintaining and furthering the best healthcare system in the world.
Maybe that could be our new national product, healthcare to the world, come to America and be healed, all the best medical practioners in the world can relocate here, something we can rebuild our economy on...
see? I can be a utopian dreamer too!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

National Prayer Day

On the radio today I got to hear an old prayer by Franklin Delano Roosevelt that he read to the Nation, I think it was right before DDay. It was an awesome invocation and call to the nation to remember how we got there and why we were blessed, and really just to never forget that God was guiding our Nation always. Beautiful words and a spirit that is now so far removed from our country it is just sad and indicative of why we are in the mess we are in, in so many ways. All recent Presidents have taken the opportunity on this day to lead by example, to put approval upon our Nations spiritual livelihood from the top down, making it clear we want to stay a country that God is moving in and using US to do good in the world. I cannot imagine a President Barack Hussein Obama having the nerve to make a prayer like this to the country, under any circumsances, ever! And that is the greatest tragedy of all.

Well today I heard that Barack H. Obama decided to forego anything official from the white house to honour this day. To me it is shameful and for him to do his prayers on a National prayer day in "private" just smacks of his way of voting present and playing both sides against the middle. It is very frustrating knowing our "leader" is so afraid to ever stand up and be counted, what is he waiting for, the 2012 election cycle? People are figuring him out, in spite of the fact that he keeps his cards so close to his vest. Even not deciding is making a choice. Obama thinks he can acknowledge without acting, stay above the mere human tendency to live within the confines like everyone else. Being a disciple of Jeremiah Wright has caused him to be cut off from 9/10ths of all Christians in this country. All these Democrat anti religious intolerants will have Obama denying God in the end. Its too bad he can't say what he really feels, he has to know, no matter what, he is going to get some grief, so stand for God and take the grief that you know you are on the side that's right. But if you live by the special interest groups you can die by them too.
Like a thousand tiny cuts. And I have to wonder, who all is he trying not to offend?

Sunday, May 03, 2009


H1N1 swine flu virus is something we have to concern ourselves with and we as a Nation should make some tough decisions. Closing borders, schools, and gatherings wont stop the spread of the disease, just slow it down enough to get a handle on it and create a vaccine for worst case scenarios. Not that this is something we have to do right away, but we should be thinking of what it would take. And just how to do that without causing widespread panic and more undue hardship to our brittle economic recovery in its infancy? We need leadership, now more than ever. We need decision making from the top down. We don't need political gamesmanship and chess matches. We need our president to think with a clear head about what is good for our whole country, not what will gain his party better majorities or more power.
It grieves me and scares me that is exactly what is being discussed in the closed offices and meetings of the President and his administration. I know that they had better be careful or the crisis they want to herd US by or the calamity they would engineer to save US from could turn around and bite them on their rear. Our founding fathers put their prayers and their own lives on the line to create this country and the checks and balances they put in place will give our country the best chance to survive anything, even an underqualified, out of his league, poseur. Obama cannot vote present any longer, it seems as if the crises coming his way are magnifying because he is failing to step up, so each incident will be more demanding of real leadership until he begins to actually lead or crumples into Rahm Emmanuel's tender, reassuring embrace.
We shall see...