Monday, May 18, 2009

You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

The State of California is at the brink of the precipice and we get to make a decision. Do we obligate ourselves to higher taxes and not even completely solving our problem, or do we vote down the Politicians buck passing gimmick and make them do their jobs, which will inevitably send the State hurtling toward insolvency? I have heard all the arguments, seen all the hyperventilating ($27 million from unions and political action committees, only $3 million trying to defeat these propositions)and I am in the solid majority on this one, to vote down all new spending propositions. All the money from the boomtimes didn't help things for the tax and spenders, perhaps being broke may bring fiscal sanity back into vogue.
Even when this state, which is the 9th largest economy in the world, was booming we could not balance our budgets year after year. But we kept voting in liberal politicians and voting in generous new social programs. The inevitable happened and the housing and financial bubbles burst, and this once prosperous State is now unable to meet all of its obligations. I have heard that we have spending in place by law that requires funding of programs and schools even if there is a bad year or two and no means to keep funding the mandated growth in these programs. This funding, which is mandated by law cannot be cut, right? That is the argument as to why we will have to cut law enforcement, firemen, schools and let criminals out of jails. All programs everybody agrees are necessary, but programs the politicians can scare us into the corner by threatening with cuts. Well, we voted to deny taxpayer funded services to illegal aliens and the courts threw that one out. We have voted to keep marriage between 1 man and 1 woman (twice!)and the courts are trying to throw that one out(again!) too. Some laws ordained by the people, I guess, are more easily taken from the people than other laws the courts want to see saved, or actually judicially legislated into existence.
The spending has to come to a stop and I have heard California has few options. One is bankruptcy which to me makes the most sense, we wont go anywhere and maybe we can rethink all the ridiculous unfunded mandates. People within and without this state will have to learn how we can live within our means and taxing our way to prosperity means everyone who can leave will. Another option is for Governor Schwarzenegger to go hat in hand to his bud Obama and beg his holiness to save this too big to fail state. The option we really cannot afford is to pass measures that will raise our taxes in a recession and reward irresponsible politicians who have bought votes by spending us into this hole. That option does not even provide a finishing solution, just time to figure out new taxes and fees. We need to get a handle on this spending problem, as goes California so goes the US.
Maybe California can lead the way in this country to fiscal sanity.
Vote NO on 1A through 1F


gregcalac said...


I wouldn't mind seeing this state go bankrupt! It wouldn't do my heart good to see some people hurt as their services are reduced and then removed, but maybe that's the only way people are going to wake up.

I'm wondering if the Fed would come in and act as a "receiver"?

I'm wondering if the Counties can take care of themselves with the barest of necessities being taken care of.

If we are the 9th largest economy in the world, then it doesn't seem necessary for us to take stimulus dollars from the Federal Government.

In fact, as more penance for the State Legislature, it would be nice if they have to cut all non-essential services and thereby cut all their ties to their constituency! Wouldn't that be great?!?!

Here are all these people who've lined up with "this Senator", or "that Assemblyman" who they are expecting to do something for their support. Problem being, there will be no "payback" due to no money!

Most thinking people have known for years that Democrats have been trading government programs for votes, and that's their stock in trade. What happens when the programs can't be funded? What happens when these legislators can't produce the "bacon" for their constituents? It aint gonna be purty!

With no one giving them free this and free that, Democrats who vote with their pocketbook will finally be able to use their logical minds to pick a candidate.

Won't that be interesting?

JohnnyT. said...

I think I agree with you too on that. The state has spent its way into a hole and now our fearless Governor wants to punish everyone by closing parks and vital services. I have yet to hear about our illegal alien population and how much that costs, or whaT THEY(the legislators) WANT TO DO ABOUT THAT. tHE VOTERS DECIDED YEARS AGO THAT WAS SOMETHING WE COULD DO TO SAVE MONEY AND JUDGES OVER RULEd US AGAIN.
OOps caps lock!! Cant re type sorry.

There are ways to balance the budget that will not totally cramp our lifestyles, but I think the desired effect is to punish the people so we will go along with higher taxes. The people will eventually figure out what we want and what we can afford are not in sync. What we need and what we would like to do wont always square up. But if laws were obeyed and enforced and the will of the people was not overturned we would not be in so much trouble that is for sure. There are so many ways to game this system that should be where the Governor looks first instead of headline making cuts that hurt real people. Every one will have to make sacrifices to get through this better on the other side. Even state workers even politicians, everyone!