Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2 Years

In 2 years we have seen change, we have seen hope ~ evaporate. Supermajorities come and go but the buck never stops spinning. Media shills have been exposed and the greater public is now aware of the threat to our democracy, from within. The power(lessness) of giant bureaucracy has been illustrated and who can say our Nation is more respected in the world at large now than before? All I see is diminishing on all fronts, earning ability is down, travel is compromised, peace is threatened and by Government growing ever larger freedom is fading.

In 2 years Obama has done a lot. The country is more divided than ever before, US and European economies remain on the brink of insolvency with no leadership anywhere on the horizon to give the confidence that is what is needed for this recovery. Free markets are assaulted while our border remains open. Our enemies are undefined therefore nonexistent? War is looming on the horizon as North Korea rings the bell to get their payoff or what? Will they march to their own destruction and upset the region? It will take a strong leader or leaders to diffuse these potential undermining of our current structure and stability, unfortunately we have the opposite of a leader at the helm of our country. Destiny has a powerful pull and we will yield to its force some way or another.

2 years in and 2 to go. A lot has happened in the last 2 years and the next 2 should be an interesting and telling ride. Obama is already campaigning and I would say he really never stopped because that is really all he knows. He may prove his naysayers wrong and actually begin to lead the whole country. I doubt that because I think he is ideologically incapable, right now I would rather be wrong, but ....
We think that all this TSA junk and the inability to profile our enemies and to defend our borders are all steps to empower the civillion man army that Obama predicted and will need if he is indeed going to claim dictatorship of these United States, again, I hope I am wrong but only a fool would ignore all these warning signs. But judging from election results there is still a lot of willful ignorance going on out there. It's a 50 - 50 crapshoot which way we go. Talk about teetering on the edge.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The State of California
Our ship of state, or our ship of fools.
And things to come for this country and possibly, the whole world.

We have come to the point where those receiving benefits outnumber those working to pay for them. The system is top heavy and doomed to fail. A politician was heard saying "Let's get serious". I ask the question, what is it going to take? We don't deport illegal aliens even when they are convicted of criminal activity, jobless benefits have been extended ad infinitum, voter fraud goes unpunished, whenever cuts are proposed its always public safety first~ as a kind of threat to the people~ more money is always the answer for a broken educational system, social security and medicare changes are always viewed as politically suicidal if there is any effort to stave off the inevitable insolvency, the list of evidence to the schizophrenia of the American voter could fill volumes. We want it all and don't want to pay for it. Well, I for one and many like me want Government as small as possible, or we want exactly what we are getting for our money spelled out and all waste better stop gushing.

I can only hope and pray that new (old) Governor Jerry Brown will realize this is his swan song and put his legacy before his covenant with those who put him back into the Governors seat. Fixing this once great state should be worth the risk he will face as he must undoubtedly require sacrifices from all of us. His core constituency will squeal the loudest but that is who is right now crushing the state with their demands. It is ironic that Gov. Brown gave these public service employees the right to unionize and strongarm their way straight into the treasury, and now he is the one who must reign them in, or its on him.
It will be most interesting to see how this is all sorted out, since now the Democrats have no one else to blame their incompetence on,
to enable and prolong the inevitable, or to lead, that is the question here.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

On the Brink of...

The Country for the most part came to their senses and voted according to what they saw as America in Decline. However, certain parts of the country seemed to have embraced the decline and actually voted for acceleration of the decline. Here in California a most curious idiosyncrasy occurs every election. Herein CA the state is nearly bankrupt, it has been in the near complete control of Democrats for 40 years. So, on the verge of insolvency, what is the smart thingm to do? Would it be to retain the elected officials who created this mess? Apparently so. Maybe the people here thought that Arnold was the Repub brand and he was the one to blame. Well Arnold caved at his first defeat by the unions and the special interests, he was a lame duck for years, with a teeny veto pen. Now we have tax and spenders at every level of State Govt. And worse still the Legislatures were given the ability to raise taxes with a simple majority now. But the far seeing voters didn't quite get that one, they were so focused on no more taxes and fees. And a straight one time payment of 18$ to get in all state parks was too much to pay! But wait, there's more. The proposition to suspend the carbon tax failed, so what do we get? Higher taxes on gasoline and heating gas and most likely all utilities. Go figure that one out. We are in a no tax and fee mode and give politicians the right to raise taxes on us every way to Sunday, I am thoroughly convinced that my fellow citizens in this state are insane , or just plain stupid. And voting Jerry Brown as a 3rd chance Governor is the coup de grace. Don't think he will raise taxes whenever and wherever he can??!!?? Say by to prop 13 and good bye to your homes, seniors on fixed incomes, Jerry Brown has a plan to save the state. He will save it all right, for the Government workers, Unions, and illegal aliens. We will have lots of teachers firefighters and prison guards wondering how the illegals will pay enough taxes to support their lucrative retirements. Oh well, the state is in decline so I guess it might as well go all the way down then maybe the Conservatives will get a chance to fix it. At least here they cannot be blamed for how bad things are, they have not had a say in sooooo long.

On the National level part of me is somewhat relieved that the Dems kept the Senate. I feared that if Obama had the Republicans to blame by way of their new gains in both chambers he could have cruised to another 4 years. Now the Democrats simply must show some leadership and some restraint at the same time. This kind of gridlock may work in the countrys favor. I just don't see the economy totally turning around in the next 2 years so I think we conservatives need to learn to lead and learn to work with baby steps. 2012 is shaping up to be the pivotal election, and while I don't think I will have the ability to leave CA by then, I should be close, and all the evidence anyone needs as to the failures of liberalism will be apparent for anyone with eyes to see.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Giants Win!!!!

The Benefit of the Doubt

In American Politics the winner gets the spoils, quite literally. It is ever a 50-50 proposition that will win the day. Or 45-55 or 55-45 lets just say it is close and no one can ever claim a mandate, Apathy and busy-ness insure that we may never get to a real high voter turnout which is what is required to really know exactly where this country stands.

So when George Bush won in 2000 and was then torn apart on a daily basis we never got the chance to rally behind true unity and see what was really possible according to his philosophy. The same holds true for Barack Obama. The same has held true for every President over the years. But the really great Presidents and the really effective ones have always risen above the pettiness and got something done that moved the country forward. Right now Obama is killing his party by lowering the stature of the Presidency and acting decidedly un Presidential. He is acting like he is only President of those who voted for him, or those who can become controlled by their allegiance to him and into and through his vision.

Maybe what was in George Bush's imagination and desire was what was best for this country, maybe what Barack Obama would enact if he could would be better than that, even. What we do know is that the alternate reality will never be known and National Unity may never be realized. Even if this country divided the two new halves would find plenty of issues upon which to separate.