Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2 Years

In 2 years we have seen change, we have seen hope ~ evaporate. Supermajorities come and go but the buck never stops spinning. Media shills have been exposed and the greater public is now aware of the threat to our democracy, from within. The power(lessness) of giant bureaucracy has been illustrated and who can say our Nation is more respected in the world at large now than before? All I see is diminishing on all fronts, earning ability is down, travel is compromised, peace is threatened and by Government growing ever larger freedom is fading.

In 2 years Obama has done a lot. The country is more divided than ever before, US and European economies remain on the brink of insolvency with no leadership anywhere on the horizon to give the confidence that is what is needed for this recovery. Free markets are assaulted while our border remains open. Our enemies are undefined therefore nonexistent? War is looming on the horizon as North Korea rings the bell to get their payoff or what? Will they march to their own destruction and upset the region? It will take a strong leader or leaders to diffuse these potential undermining of our current structure and stability, unfortunately we have the opposite of a leader at the helm of our country. Destiny has a powerful pull and we will yield to its force some way or another.

2 years in and 2 to go. A lot has happened in the last 2 years and the next 2 should be an interesting and telling ride. Obama is already campaigning and I would say he really never stopped because that is really all he knows. He may prove his naysayers wrong and actually begin to lead the whole country. I doubt that because I think he is ideologically incapable, right now I would rather be wrong, but ....
We think that all this TSA junk and the inability to profile our enemies and to defend our borders are all steps to empower the civillion man army that Obama predicted and will need if he is indeed going to claim dictatorship of these United States, again, I hope I am wrong but only a fool would ignore all these warning signs. But judging from election results there is still a lot of willful ignorance going on out there. It's a 50 - 50 crapshoot which way we go. Talk about teetering on the edge.

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