Friday, November 12, 2010

The State of California
Our ship of state, or our ship of fools.
And things to come for this country and possibly, the whole world.

We have come to the point where those receiving benefits outnumber those working to pay for them. The system is top heavy and doomed to fail. A politician was heard saying "Let's get serious". I ask the question, what is it going to take? We don't deport illegal aliens even when they are convicted of criminal activity, jobless benefits have been extended ad infinitum, voter fraud goes unpunished, whenever cuts are proposed its always public safety first~ as a kind of threat to the people~ more money is always the answer for a broken educational system, social security and medicare changes are always viewed as politically suicidal if there is any effort to stave off the inevitable insolvency, the list of evidence to the schizophrenia of the American voter could fill volumes. We want it all and don't want to pay for it. Well, I for one and many like me want Government as small as possible, or we want exactly what we are getting for our money spelled out and all waste better stop gushing.

I can only hope and pray that new (old) Governor Jerry Brown will realize this is his swan song and put his legacy before his covenant with those who put him back into the Governors seat. Fixing this once great state should be worth the risk he will face as he must undoubtedly require sacrifices from all of us. His core constituency will squeal the loudest but that is who is right now crushing the state with their demands. It is ironic that Gov. Brown gave these public service employees the right to unionize and strongarm their way straight into the treasury, and now he is the one who must reign them in, or its on him.
It will be most interesting to see how this is all sorted out, since now the Democrats have no one else to blame their incompetence on,
to enable and prolong the inevitable, or to lead, that is the question here.

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