Monday, November 01, 2010

The Benefit of the Doubt

In American Politics the winner gets the spoils, quite literally. It is ever a 50-50 proposition that will win the day. Or 45-55 or 55-45 lets just say it is close and no one can ever claim a mandate, Apathy and busy-ness insure that we may never get to a real high voter turnout which is what is required to really know exactly where this country stands.

So when George Bush won in 2000 and was then torn apart on a daily basis we never got the chance to rally behind true unity and see what was really possible according to his philosophy. The same holds true for Barack Obama. The same has held true for every President over the years. But the really great Presidents and the really effective ones have always risen above the pettiness and got something done that moved the country forward. Right now Obama is killing his party by lowering the stature of the Presidency and acting decidedly un Presidential. He is acting like he is only President of those who voted for him, or those who can become controlled by their allegiance to him and into and through his vision.

Maybe what was in George Bush's imagination and desire was what was best for this country, maybe what Barack Obama would enact if he could would be better than that, even. What we do know is that the alternate reality will never be known and National Unity may never be realized. Even if this country divided the two new halves would find plenty of issues upon which to separate.

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