Thursday, October 21, 2010

Such Hypocrisy

Google is a multi Billion dollar enterprise with a most definite Liberal Political bias in their headlines, in their political donations and in their corporate image. Now why in the world would they want to shield Billions and billions of dollars from US Corporate income tax? Can they really feel that a wealthy individual should pay between 50 and 70% rate when their Corporation is only paying 2.4%? I really cannot follow the logic there.

National Public Radio fires Juan Williams for being candid while he was working for a cable Television program. It seems that the official National Government position is that of an Islamophobe, or one who is afraid to offend Muslims. Now Juan Williams seems to me an individual who would bend over backwards not to be provocative toward Islam and to get fired for speaking truth just illustrates why I think we have already lost the debate in the battle of civilizations Islam imposes on US. They are masters of using their host countries benefits and open societies to further their goal of turning that very country into a totalitarian dictatorship.

Everybody I talked to wondered is this terrorism? Or just a nutjob terrorizing people.

Christine O'Donnel makes a great point in her debate at a Law School on the Church/State issue and gets ripped in the press and by the junior league Lawyers. What part of "Congress shall make no Law" do all these liberals fail to be able understand? Our Constitution is clear and precise and the Framers were very obvious they believed and intended our Nation to continue to seek Gods favor first, by doing His will and remaining true to Our principles and to Gods own edicts. Its amazing to me how our Nation continues to remain strong with so many using the very freedoms this country offers to tear this country apart.

Will they care this much when they kill their Golden Goose?

Go Giants!

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