Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Held To Account

I finally made it to my accountant today to finish up my 2009 fiscal year Taxes. It was a good meeting and so very refreshing to find out that he is a man of God. After all the information was posited and my dreadful year was laid bare we had a chance to talk about fiscal health on the personal and national level. I was having a difficult time keeping up with him even though I have been interested and keeping up on world financial trends and trajectories. I want to become more wise in economics and my quest to become debt free is now almost complete. I will live the rest of my life with only a mortgage debt, I hope and even that is something I have a chance to eliminate in less than 10 years. I have a friend I greatly admire in her ability to make this philosophy a way of life. I know I will never again become the slave of debt unless it is to save a life.

After 17 years in a marriage that started and ended broke I have learned enough to write a pretty good book, and I may do just that. I have been close to 2 women accountants in the last couple years and they have made such an impact on my life. I know they were put in my path for a reason, and even though I have not figured out exactly what that was and why, I have been blessed by them and the control I now take on financial situations is testimony that lifes lessons are difficult as well as beautiful, timely and all the evidence I need that God continues to bless my very existence. What a friend we have in the Lord, if only we are able to understand His Love.
He gives us a trial and a way out. And that is such a great way to learn.

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