Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When the Hunger Pinches the Pigs

The tin horn Dictators of the world are wrecking the global economy with their gerry-mandering of energy prices, and then crying foul when food prices also go up? I hope guys like Ahmadinajhad and Chavez and Putin all get so hungry in their little fiefdoms that they drink their oil. What a joke that they can cry about food when their energy price policies are directly or indirectly affecting the price for food all around the world.
When those with no idea of basic economics have a hand in affecting markets they will reap the whirlwind before they can say "Let them eat cake!"
I personally don't see the cause for alarm in this predicament just yet, there are hundreds and hundreds of acres of unused farmland in California alone that is not even growing biofuels. Just growing weeds, I am not sure how capitalism is to blame, Hugo. What do we owe you? You would personally love to see every American starve if it made your Communistic empire look even one shade of disaster less than what it is. Get all your oil producing buddies to invest some of their exhorbitant profits into something other than weaponry and propoganda and maybe you could do your part to feed the world. But if you cannot even keep milk and sugar on the shelves of your state controlled markets how dare you lecture economies and countries that can provide for their own citizenry. I would say the laws of unintended consequence are coming around and biting the poor oil only countries right in their keister.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Buffoon Brokers a Deal

Jimmy Carter will insure peace in the Middle East by helping Hamas exterminate Israel? Any deals that call for giving up any land will not work. Trusting the Muslims to honor their word when dealing with Israel is folly. I saw that Hamas did not give up their committment to wipe out Israel nor can they guarantee the rocket attacks and suicide/homicide bombings will stop. This deal is a Non Sequitur, and never forget when you are dealing with the Devil expect no help from above.
Jimmy Carter still fancies himself a statesman, but he should know better than butting in where he does not belong. I am convinced he feels another crack at this Islamic problem He helped to protract could seal the deal on His legacy. AND he is right, only his legacy is one of ineptness and weakness and futility. He should have just continued to pound some nails. Didn't New Orleans need to be re-built too?
I would recommend the State departmnet revoke his passport.
Another Nobel peace prize can be had with similar results guaranteed. No progress, just talking and more rockets, more homicide/suicide bombers. More of the same.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oh No no No NO!!!!!!

We humans are cruisin' for a bruisin'. We will awaken a monster that may kill us all. Scientists that have no respect for God's order and will tinker and tamper right up to the point where they 'go too far'. But after that there is no doubt God's creation will reign supreme.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Maybe I Agree, Now. . .

President Bush has been ridiculed and lambasted as a rube, or an outright idiot by the Lefties for practically his whole term. I always thought it was proper and fitting that he could confound a bevy of brilliant "thinkers". I have always had a soft spot in my heart for George W. Bush, as some of his reactions are exactly in line with my very own. I think, maybe, he really is way ahead of those who opposed everything he does, every single thing. Like maybe they were doing his will by their very opposition. Political Judo master.
Thats why on this issue I will agree with the Liberals that Bush is an idiot, with a caveat. The Global Warming hysteria now being embraced by George W. may be it's death knell. Bush is always wrong, right?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let's Not Gloss Over, and Let's not Dwell

The Pope coming to America is a mixed blessing for US all. We need to remember our roots as a Christian Nation. We also need to remember whom we serve. We also need to treat all those who try to find God with respect.
Actions speak louder than words!
In other Words

You knew it was a snake when you picked it up. Poor Gov. Richardson or Chris Dodd, or even Joe Biden. The Democrat party painted themselves into a corner with their identity candidates and now they cannot do their normal political shenanigans without offending some group or orientation. When your party is cobbled together more along the lines of what makes a person different than what is the same about US, this is what we get. We are all black or white or brown or oriental, we are all male or female. When minority status is more highly regarded as a way to get votes than policy and accomplishment it is no wonder this is the end result.

In Hillary Clintons defense, no one would care at all about Barack Obama's pigmentation if he were not himself making it an issue. Attending a racist church, and being mentored by a seperatist are not grounds for unification. Obama was in a unique situation to talk to both sides on race, but he seems to only espouse his blackness. The code that he uses to impugn white America, corporations, or whatever he is impugning is always street level minority tripe.

But Ed Rendell does seem to cast racism everywhere but at his own little circle of employers. Preparing for his next battle or watering down what he said with a cut at conservatives. I guess conservatives have been accused of racism for so long they know how to navigate the treacherous waters of unfounded accusation. There are a million reasons Barack Obama would make a terrible president, but those are all policy issues where Hillary Clinton is a carbon copy of the tax and spending, deafotocratic, socialist nanny-state Obama. So where are the differences? Skin color, gender, pandering levels, and corrupt friends.
What a mess.

Monday, April 14, 2008

One By One My Icons Fall

It is so sad to have reality snap me back from fantasy world II. We really can build each other up or de-motivate the train. I thought J.K. Rowling was a genius, a strong~above the fray~ ie. richer than anybody needs to be, larger than life: inventor. So far above petty worldly money grubbing and seeming to show a lack of confidence, I was disappointed for sure. I think to myself : if I was as brilliant as J.K., no way would I worry about some hack producing a book on my work that would compare to a book I wrote myself. I know she would blow away this imposter, it is her creation after all. She should not need to resort to courtroom theatrics and emotional posturing. It makes her seem Human, diminished, in an unfortunate fashion.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Please Explain what You REALLY Mean

It seems as if the Democrat contenders for the Presidency of the United States can hardly get off their script and speak from their heart when a retraction or recantation becomes necessary. Now its Obama's turn to spin the misspoken, misinterpreted backhand slap at religion and guns.
I wonder how long the 2nd Ammendment will remain in it's present state if Obama becomes our President. Note how I can claim him as my President. If Obama were to pull off this unimaginable feat of Political sleight-of-hand, I would still regretfully accept his authority. That is the part about the Presidency of the United States that Bill Clinton stained and tarnished, for who knows how long?? Rule of Law and respect for authority. When authority is as base as the lowliest constituent among US, nothing will remain ideal. The Leftists in our midst claim George W. Bush to be compromising our National reputation as their own leaders race toward the drain.
There are even stories claiming Historians see Bush's Presidency as a failure. Refuting his assertion that he will be vindicated after things play out. I love the way these Historians (Liberals/Leftists)know what will happen within their ranks in 10, or 20+ years from now, usually that is where History resides. These historians have already written their dark vision of our future.

I wonder if.... As the old saying goes, any publicity is better than no publicity. Obama and Hillary get free advertising when their off the prompter comments get scrutiny and command clarification. The opportunity to restructure and repackage damaging statements becomes a chance to debate your own self, for free.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Know When To Just Shut UP and SING

Alicia Keys proves it doesnt take a lot of brains to be a Pop Star. She would be wise to keep her empty headedness to Herself. I wish she would do something about these conspiracies, bring them out into the light of day. She might very well be auditioning for spokesperson for the Obama Campaign on Racial Issues, since she seems to hold the same racial unity views as Obama's pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Maybe she could chair a panel on Race relations and Bigotry in America since she knows so much about whats going on behind the scenes.
I cannot tell you how many artists, musicians, actors and people of creativity I have lost respect for as soon as their political positions override their usefulness as an escape from reality. They divide their audience and disrespect half of it with impunity. I kinda liked a couple Alicia Keys tunes, but now that I know she is an unhinged moonbat I can never take her seriously again. Oh well, easy come, easy go. The depth of the emotion in her music is undermined by her shallow thinking ability, that is displayed in her public statements. And she thinks there is more of a market for this kind of Politics?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What are you trying to say?

Let's look at how negotiations within the U.N. method are working with Iran and their quest for Nuclear Armament. ooooh.... That's what I thought, not good. Well, before we know it they will have a bomb and start an arms race in the Middle East, and walaa, good times-good times....bad times. The U.N. cannot negotiate, there are enemies of restraint in the U.N. that want Iran to have a bomb. A house divided cannot stand. And the U.N. is divided if they are nothing else. I wish the U.S. would quit the U.N. and kick them out of our country. It's just a cesspool for bureaucrats with America footing the lions share of the tab.

Stepping up the level of prattle to send the discord upward to Heaven, the alarmists are waging a war and taking casualties. This hoax, if allowed to proceed forward much further, will go down in History as when Human Beings became so conceited that they ushered in their own downfall.

I wonder if Barack and his Church could maybe help their brothers out here. Thats what I thought, the slick talker is all words, the rhetoric as empty as the suit. I know these problems must trump whatever is going on in America to Baracks church, because they are for Africa first right? If whitey is keeping the Black Man down in America, who in God's name, is doing it to them in Africa?? Well lo and behold....It's messed up everywhere. I nominate Obama to not just heal America's souls, but why not the whole world's souls?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

No Wonder They Run

If the Clintons can somehow pull off another Presidency will they double their already lucrative income, Or triple it? I have heard you can do better in the private sector if you are so brilliant. Now I have to wonder. Even in this bad economy, the worst in the last 4 years, I'm sure big dollars will be rolling into Clinton Inc.
Well there goes all the populist angles right out the window. And now I see why Barack is running, too. He has no ideas to get out there to promote the CHANGE He wants for America(Except to raise taxes, and give away the farm). He must just want to change his own income from pretty darn good to ridiculously wealthy, 10,000 square foot house wealthy, chauffer driven Limo wealthy, Rock Star wealthy.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Keep Digging

Barack Obama's campaign is only for his hard core followers now. How this guy can claim to be a Christian is beyond me. It must be part of his GQ wardrobe. It makes sense for Hilary Clinton to stay in this race because the more Barack Obama opens his mouth the more we get to see past his mannequin-like image. Bit by bit the real Obama is coming out and i for one can see why his adoring press corps has made every effort to conceal who this man really is. Once he is unmasked no one but the radicals will vote for this guy.
Over the weekend Barack was talking about Birth-Control, I guess, having been unable to get the full context of his replies. But whatever the context His remarks hit me right at home. Barack, too, has 2 Daughters. So we have something in common. I am not sure if he was talking about birth control or abortion , or the Liberals Holy Grail, Abortion as birth control. But he said in his glib/Flippant/condescending style, I'm paraphrasing now, "If my daughter were to make a mistake I would not want her punished with a BABY or an STD". Wow! so a Barack Obama Grandchild is on par with an STD a mistake that should be ?? Aborted out?Given away so his daughters can access the Ivy League and join white America? Organize Black America?
I can't believe any liberal that is for abortion would have the nerve to claim to be a Christian, but the Catholic Church has let Ted Kennedy receive communion, and John Kerry. Obama has given lots of money to his church but somehow i don't see anti abortion as one of their crusades. The African continent is more important than babies born in America. Spreading lies about Jews and the U.S. government with genocidal plans, ignoring the genocide that is happening to the Unborn.