Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When the Hunger Pinches the Pigs

The tin horn Dictators of the world are wrecking the global economy with their gerry-mandering of energy prices, and then crying foul when food prices also go up? I hope guys like Ahmadinajhad and Chavez and Putin all get so hungry in their little fiefdoms that they drink their oil. What a joke that they can cry about food when their energy price policies are directly or indirectly affecting the price for food all around the world.
When those with no idea of basic economics have a hand in affecting markets they will reap the whirlwind before they can say "Let them eat cake!"
I personally don't see the cause for alarm in this predicament just yet, there are hundreds and hundreds of acres of unused farmland in California alone that is not even growing biofuels. Just growing weeds, I am not sure how capitalism is to blame, Hugo. What do we owe you? You would personally love to see every American starve if it made your Communistic empire look even one shade of disaster less than what it is. Get all your oil producing buddies to invest some of their exhorbitant profits into something other than weaponry and propoganda and maybe you could do your part to feed the world. But if you cannot even keep milk and sugar on the shelves of your state controlled markets how dare you lecture economies and countries that can provide for their own citizenry. I would say the laws of unintended consequence are coming around and biting the poor oil only countries right in their keister.

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