Sunday, April 13, 2008

Please Explain what You REALLY Mean

It seems as if the Democrat contenders for the Presidency of the United States can hardly get off their script and speak from their heart when a retraction or recantation becomes necessary. Now its Obama's turn to spin the misspoken, misinterpreted backhand slap at religion and guns.
I wonder how long the 2nd Ammendment will remain in it's present state if Obama becomes our President. Note how I can claim him as my President. If Obama were to pull off this unimaginable feat of Political sleight-of-hand, I would still regretfully accept his authority. That is the part about the Presidency of the United States that Bill Clinton stained and tarnished, for who knows how long?? Rule of Law and respect for authority. When authority is as base as the lowliest constituent among US, nothing will remain ideal. The Leftists in our midst claim George W. Bush to be compromising our National reputation as their own leaders race toward the drain.
There are even stories claiming Historians see Bush's Presidency as a failure. Refuting his assertion that he will be vindicated after things play out. I love the way these Historians (Liberals/Leftists)know what will happen within their ranks in 10, or 20+ years from now, usually that is where History resides. These historians have already written their dark vision of our future.

I wonder if.... As the old saying goes, any publicity is better than no publicity. Obama and Hillary get free advertising when their off the prompter comments get scrutiny and command clarification. The opportunity to restructure and repackage damaging statements becomes a chance to debate your own self, for free.

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