Saturday, April 12, 2008

Know When To Just Shut UP and SING

Alicia Keys proves it doesnt take a lot of brains to be a Pop Star. She would be wise to keep her empty headedness to Herself. I wish she would do something about these conspiracies, bring them out into the light of day. She might very well be auditioning for spokesperson for the Obama Campaign on Racial Issues, since she seems to hold the same racial unity views as Obama's pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Maybe she could chair a panel on Race relations and Bigotry in America since she knows so much about whats going on behind the scenes.
I cannot tell you how many artists, musicians, actors and people of creativity I have lost respect for as soon as their political positions override their usefulness as an escape from reality. They divide their audience and disrespect half of it with impunity. I kinda liked a couple Alicia Keys tunes, but now that I know she is an unhinged moonbat I can never take her seriously again. Oh well, easy come, easy go. The depth of the emotion in her music is undermined by her shallow thinking ability, that is displayed in her public statements. And she thinks there is more of a market for this kind of Politics?

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