Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In other Words

You knew it was a snake when you picked it up. Poor Gov. Richardson or Chris Dodd, or even Joe Biden. The Democrat party painted themselves into a corner with their identity candidates and now they cannot do their normal political shenanigans without offending some group or orientation. When your party is cobbled together more along the lines of what makes a person different than what is the same about US, this is what we get. We are all black or white or brown or oriental, we are all male or female. When minority status is more highly regarded as a way to get votes than policy and accomplishment it is no wonder this is the end result.

In Hillary Clintons defense, no one would care at all about Barack Obama's pigmentation if he were not himself making it an issue. Attending a racist church, and being mentored by a seperatist are not grounds for unification. Obama was in a unique situation to talk to both sides on race, but he seems to only espouse his blackness. The code that he uses to impugn white America, corporations, or whatever he is impugning is always street level minority tripe.

But Ed Rendell does seem to cast racism everywhere but at his own little circle of employers. Preparing for his next battle or watering down what he said with a cut at conservatives. I guess conservatives have been accused of racism for so long they know how to navigate the treacherous waters of unfounded accusation. There are a million reasons Barack Obama would make a terrible president, but those are all policy issues where Hillary Clinton is a carbon copy of the tax and spending, deafotocratic, socialist nanny-state Obama. So where are the differences? Skin color, gender, pandering levels, and corrupt friends.
What a mess.

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