Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Keep Digging

Barack Obama's campaign is only for his hard core followers now. How this guy can claim to be a Christian is beyond me. It must be part of his GQ wardrobe. It makes sense for Hilary Clinton to stay in this race because the more Barack Obama opens his mouth the more we get to see past his mannequin-like image. Bit by bit the real Obama is coming out and i for one can see why his adoring press corps has made every effort to conceal who this man really is. Once he is unmasked no one but the radicals will vote for this guy.
Over the weekend Barack was talking about Birth-Control, I guess, having been unable to get the full context of his replies. But whatever the context His remarks hit me right at home. Barack, too, has 2 Daughters. So we have something in common. I am not sure if he was talking about birth control or abortion , or the Liberals Holy Grail, Abortion as birth control. But he said in his glib/Flippant/condescending style, I'm paraphrasing now, "If my daughter were to make a mistake I would not want her punished with a BABY or an STD". Wow! so a Barack Obama Grandchild is on par with an STD a mistake that should be ?? Aborted out?Given away so his daughters can access the Ivy League and join white America? Organize Black America?
I can't believe any liberal that is for abortion would have the nerve to claim to be a Christian, but the Catholic Church has let Ted Kennedy receive communion, and John Kerry. Obama has given lots of money to his church but somehow i don't see anti abortion as one of their crusades. The African continent is more important than babies born in America. Spreading lies about Jews and the U.S. government with genocidal plans, ignoring the genocide that is happening to the Unborn.

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