Monday, March 31, 2008

Obama AWOL

Senator Barack Obama (D. Illinois) has stated that he wasnt ever around when Pastor Jeremiah Wright made all of his inflammatory hate filled statements against "White America" and The US Governments genocide against Blavk people. And apparently whenever the Democrat majority in the Senate was agreeing with the Republican Majority( Bi-Partisanship)Barack Obama wasn't there either. It seems to me for such a capable, Shining star of a Democrat politician he has been away almost every time he could have stood up and done the very things that He says he is the ONE capable of doing. I just don't know what to believe, the media and their pony Barack Obama, or Hilliarity Rodman Clinton and her strained memoirs. Boy am I glad the media helped the conservatives choose their candidate, saving US from self-immolation, like the Democrat Party.
Thanks N.Y. Times and crossover Democrat and Independent voters in the early, open primaries! You very well could have picked the winner.

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