Monday, March 10, 2008

Is This the Payoff or the Payback?

I guess change could mean the Democrats scandals now being in the Spotlight. It's funny how whenever 1 political party starts to gain the upper hand in this country scandals erupt and there is a slapdown. Here we go again!. The guy seemed like he had everything going right. Wonderful family, his wife looks nice..., did power corrupt? He hardly looks like the prototypical philanderer, as far as I know, although I would wager most philanderers are smarmy, smug, punk-asses, with a bit of wuss on the side. Not to mention unscrupulous, Like in Eliot Spitzres own personal giveaway of our country.
Maybe one of his many enemies set him up and took him down. He looks like the typical slimy political liar to me, whether there is an R. or a D. after his name, it does not matter to me. He was compromising his authority and subjecting himself to blackmail. I just find it peculiar that these guys who don't really deserve all that they get, then throw it all away, like it mattered not that they actually reached the pinnacle. All I know is every time a Republican gets in a scandal like this they are out of the Office, either stepping down willingly, or getting tossed out. The Democrat Party, however, lets indicted politicians hang on and sully their whole Parties' image.
Sometimes the only really accurate way to judge a politician is looking at their personal judgement, usually there is ample evidence as to the true character within.
And this guy is even a superdelegate, yeah, the ones that are getting payed off on both sides. The politicians with the power to cast the tiebreaking vote for the Democrats should neither candidate get enough votes to seal up the nomination. Perhaps all the largesse heaped upon Spitzer was more than he could turn away from in the end. His weakness did Him in.

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