Friday, March 21, 2008

Excuses or Reasons

I remember when I was a young Lad my Father chewing me out for something. Something I did that was not up to His standards, or the way He had shown me. I specifically remember Him saying,"don't give me any mealy-mouthed excuses. Do it du-da du-da" etc. I also remember my retort 'It's not an excuse, it's a reason.' Well Pop wouldn't have any of it, but I was a little proud of my deflective ability, and my Lawyerly reasoning. A supporter would consider the reasons while a detractor focuses on excuses.

It seems as if fidelity has come into the spotlight with the Governorship of New York having not one, not two, but three first people failing in their marriages. When you count next door New Jersey and McGreeveys fall from grace there are 4 right there. Stories are now starting to be written about how the Animal Kingdom knows not fidelity. How ridiculous it is to expect a powerful type A personality to control all that Animal magnetism, power, Lust and Ambition. How do these Blessed people contain all that? It appears they do not. Governors mansions must be real Peytons Places, while all that "doing the peoples business" must weaken some of their moral fortitude. I don't really expect perfection out of the Elected Class, but some things seem as if they could wait until the exalted ones are out of office. They have a relatively short time to make their mark, and to do the most possible good. To be upended with such a low level trap seems to highlight the futility voters face when choosing a Politician with a moral compass based on looks, sound bites, negative ads, Promises/Rhetoric and all manners of deception. These are, after all, Professionals, in a business that is most likely one of the most vicious and attractive to those who seek power. Say anything, Do anything, just get elected, just get the nomination.
On a personal level I know how hard it is to keep a marriage intact. A lot of people grow apart after years and tears(Freudian slip there, I will leave it in). Kids are a huge factor and Honor and Committment to vows are pure barometers of Character. But I guess there comes a time when Love is lost, evaporated by the World of duty and Cares. How many years can someone be expected to trudge onward, alone on the inside? It is the Deception and Fraud that I personally find repugnant. An honest plea that is rebuffed would drive any true heart away, in Time. It is such Honesty, given and received, that will make up for the shortcomings, the weakness, and the unfulfilled needs. For Jesus said 'Our bodies are not our own', we serve our spouse and our family. And God. What God has put together Let no man tear asunder. Our Societies' are built upon strong families and above all else, that is the way it should stay. So far I have been able to deny myself for my Families sake, but I know there comes a limit, when the unhappiness can pollute any good thing, and drive a wedge that splits even a rock apart. And maybe happiness can be found where before only sadness abounds. An unhappy marriage may be worse for the kids than a split. I know to set the example of a Loving Marriage, The children must sense the Love.
I will not cast the first stone at the Infidelity that is highlighted in public figures, but pray for these marriages, knowing full well that, But for the Grace of God, there go I. The new Governor of New York and His wife have put their problems behind themselves and moved forward, hopefully. I hope it is not a charade in front of the Media Circus but a Testament to true Love that comes full circle. That can give hope to many. That is why Public Figures need to be a cut above the common man. Their examples are seen by many. When we start making excuses for failure we will surely fail. Good solid reasoning can Light the path for a better future.

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