Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I have just a few moments before bed want to get this down before I forget
 #1 Anthony Weiner is really a hero, protecting New York and America from the Muslim Brotherhood takeover/Plant Huma/ the arranged marriage is a sham and Carlos Danger is blowing the lid off it.
#2 The SF Giants used up all their mojo for the championship run last year now every team they stepped on is returning the favor. The fall from grace became official when they visited Obama.
#3 Evil Dead is the worst movie I have seen in some time.
#4 Conservatives are committing votericide/ Baseicide with their immigration stance and letting Christie  and Marco Rubio become our next hopeful

Love the Lord with all your Mind , Heart and Soul

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Delay Obfuscate Dissemble Mislead

After hearing President Obama's campaign style speech today I felt like a sickening wave of turpitude swamped over me, depositing me on a deserted Isle. Alone and vulnerable, a disenfranchised castaway that will be ignored for the crime of just not being willing to go to hell in a handbasket with all those who believe in this Huckster selling his bill of goods, paving a way to Hell with good intentions, re-prioritizing the whole government citizen relationship, basically campaigning instead of leading.

 I feel diluted, my earning power is stripped bare, my vote and citizenship are worth less, nothing makes sense anymore. There are perverts who are positioned to become Mayors of big cities, there are tax cheats writing tax law, there are agendas out there that self serve before the greater good of the Nation. Race wars are being fomented, opposition is derided and insulted and blamed. We have had 4+ years of Obama and his policies have done nothing to strengthen this country.

Our economy is like a card to play when the mess gets so bad a distraction is called for, "Lets go sell the country some economic panacea". Everything Obama does has a delayed start and an expiration date. So all he ever really has to do is go out and talk about it and then it goes on the back burner for a few more months.

Today  Obama again counted down his days in office, what is it? 1270? So a delay here and a diversion there and soon the lame duck is so lame and with the blame being the name of the game means that there is no accountability anywhere, no buckstopping, not much hope for anyone with half a brain knowing exactly where we are going,
but change?

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

For Deferred guilt

This country must have a collective guilty conscience for past endemic racism. This Trayvon Martin case seems Iike a perfect storm for a face off. With African American people reflexively taking Trayvon Martins side, up to and including President Obama, who claimed if he had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin. So we have the Black people on the one side, along with every one else trying to prove they are not racist,  and everybody else who can see that this case is really about the right to protect yourself and your property on the other side. Since no one else was there no one can know if Trayvon Martin was looking for trouble or Zimmerman was looking for trouble and they just found each that fateful night.
Poor George Zimmerman seems like a sacrificial lamb to the political correctness crowd, being tried in the public square through Internet and cable tv shows, his life hanging in the balance at the whim of the spectating speculating and in-vindicating for their own non racist purity, do good'ers who are really nothing more than monday morning quarterbacking a guy who was quite possibly fighting for his very life. I see Nancy grace pontificating and mock juries deliberating, I feel sick that all this speculating and the sport of trial watching seems to taint or jade people to think they know better. God help me if I ever had to have idiots like this decide my fate on a jury.
Trayvon Martin seemed to be a kid who is having his checkered past whitewashed in the media to the extent that the photographs they show of him are from much earlier in his life to show a cuter less threatening persona. Now Trayvon certainly didn't deserve to die that night, but to me it seems he had chances to avoid the trouble but dove headlong into it by his charged up ego or a troublemaking spirit that couldn't walk or run away.
Paula Deen and her character assassination are paralleling this explosive case and where President Obama could step up and make a public statement about rushing to judgement and expound the theme of forgiveness and the societal acceptance of certain individuals using the same words and not getting castigated we get silence and fanning the racistic flames by default. I believe that had Obama said we do not need to open up 30 year old wounds and everybody has said something in life they have come to regret that race relations could benefit and healing could begin again. But under President Obama race relations and the cause of Black people in particular have transgressed to the point where it has to become a crisis to be solved. And Zimmerman and Deen are perfect scapegoats
Something here seems to me to be adding up to a squelching, throwing a bone to those who need racism to further careers, a shot across the bow to those who would defend themselves and to those who stand up for someone getting publicly lynched. The media whores have a story they want to tell, but the truth is not as important as the outcome.

Our country is imploding in slow motion and the train wreck is impossible to avoid.