Monday, January 25, 2010


Our President is so out of touch with the electorate my bewilderment is inducing vertigo. Obama is going populist, railing now against banks. The scapegoated revenant Big Insurance is stepping aside to allow Obama to fix his offensive on Big Financial. Big Pharma or Big Farma?? I wonder if Obama and Warren Buffet worked out as plan to sell short early last week after the devastating loss in Massachusetts. When Obama speaks the markets listen. Obama has begun to treat all Americans who disagree with his positions like 6th graders, to be lectured at.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zeroing in on Hugo and Venezuela

The US earthquake machine is finding its range, and Hugo was wrong! Our primary target was him. Conspiracy theorists are evidently everywhere.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Special Interests...

...Are our ability to stay solvent and prosper, maybe just to survive.

Mr. Populist is turning my stomach every time I hear him speak now. He says he lost connection with the American people, he says he knows what we are battling through out here, he blames special interests for the buzz saw effect he ran into last week. It is all so much campaign Obama. That is all we will ever get from this man. I am afraid I can see further into the ramifications of his policies that damage and destroy wealth and policies that could actually help improve our economy than he can. That scares the hell out of me. Because I don't know much, just a bit more than living in the real reality. And I realize I have been blessed with common sense and Obama seems like all he was blessed with is the ability to read a teleprompter and the twin powers of persuasion and deception.

The way he proclaims its not about him and his tone and inflection says that is all everything is about, is him. I almost get the feeling that after the big loss in Massachusetts he is in hyperdrive to complete his agenda as quickly as possible, and I fear that agenda is dismantling America in order to rebuild it the way his pea brain sees fit.

If the Republicans don't take the bait, Emperor Obama will complete his own populist argument and illustrate precisely who we must oppose.

November will come just in the nick of time, and 2012 is not too far after that.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blue Monday, Red Tuesday?

Massachusetts is in an honorable position of restoring our Democracy today. I must say I am a little jealous. My vote in the tin state of California has been discounted for years. My voice of protest has been drowned by the caterwauling throng of pillagers and plunderers for most of my adult life. We have led the way down to the bottom here on the left side of the country while New England States have over on the right side. The special election today gives Mass. a chance to start the correction and maybe turn the Titanic away from the iceberg.

It seems fitting to me that the place where the Revolution began gets the chance to stave off the new ruination right on the threshold of our demise. A much needed system of checks and balances has gone unchecked for a whole year, 3 if you count the lame duck descent of George W. Bush. In Massachusetts, like California, it has gone on much longer. Americans cherish their freedom and liberty above all else and the Obamacrats have tried to over reach their mandate from day 1. Just like the Republicans and Bush did in 2004. But since the Republicans have never had a controlling majority we never saw the extent of their strategies. And in the end maybe thats for the best because Conservatism has not been run aground and discredited yet. Although the Republicans were hardly Conservative. I wonder if Democrats think Obama Pelosi Reid are hardly liberal?

I will watch the returns today and pray that sanity begins to creep back into our political structure starting with the will of the people, and also pray that Gods will be done in this, as in all things. Our nation used to have a divine blessing and now I am not so sure. But God never abandoned Israel, and since we are still and always will be a great force for good in the world, I have supreme faith that God will not abandon US now.

Voting is the lifeblood of Democracy, use it or lose it.
Get out and vote!

Monday, January 18, 2010

World News Watch January 18, 2009 AD

If this works for Martha our Nation is in more trouble than I ever imagined.

Not the colour of ones skin but the content of their character is my personal favorite.

Obamas model is one of failure and impotence.

Martha also said the terrorists are gone, luckily Obamas eyes are opened up to the reality and I think that is why his hair is going grey so fast.

The world keeps turning toward sanity, and we continue to the left and into the ditch? but wait... there's still hope!

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it? Obama did inherit what he had a hand in creating though.

Good News out there, the peace prize has payed dividends.

Not done yet, the Earth is shuddering and the widespread possibilities of disaster are not relegated to Haiti alone.

And why aren't the Haitians being treated at the greatest Medical paradise in the world? Their next door neighbors? That makes sense.

Sounds like monkey business to me.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Unprecedented, Unexpected, Unbearable

The tragedy happening right now in Haiti has so many layers to unravel that nothing could possibly explain how or why this happened, right now. Suffice to say there is a divine lesson here, God rains on the just and the unjust. There is a political element, sometimes we humans have to lie down in the bed we have made. There is a compassion and desire from most every human to do anything we can to help a fellow human being in need. All in all, prayer on any level and any help at all will save lives.
Nothing else matters.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh My, We Have a Dearth of Leadership

In both parties, at all levels of Government.

What will it take for the Republicans to truly embrace conservatism?
And what would it take for Democrats to absolve the type of liberalism that dehumanizes?
I know... a 3rd party, but right now that will give the Democrat Party all the time they need to complete the destruction of this once great country and its economy.

Michael Steele had my support until he started chasing his tail around in circles. This is truly self defeating and all the evidence I need to prove why being an independent is the smartest move any voter can make.

Harry Reid and all the hullabaloo around his race based remarks proves the left side of the aisle only has subservience in mind for, and condescension toward those they profess to champion. When even the one demeaned gives a pass for political expedience, what more is left to say, but...
Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Madam Senator... The Door>>

One of the first steps in the rebuilding of the once great State of California will be to remove a blight and a mistake made back in 1992. A direction that has paralleled the downward spiral this State has chosen as it's pathway to lead our Nation.

I am not sure in whom to put my hope to disengage this obligatory trough feeding, influence peddling, demagogue, but Carly Fiorina seems to have the real world credentials and personal ability to stand and fight an entrenched heavyweight. Barbara Boxer has never once even pretended to represent people like me and to have been in office for the last 18 years with so little to show for it but unapologetic partisan hackery speaks volumes about what we can expect from another term gifted to such an airhead.

If the Senatorship has to go to women from now on lets try a conservative woman for once and see what kind of representation we get. I am certain there will be at least some pro business policy with Carly. We always seem to look at liberal women when espousing gender politics. California really cannot do worse than Feinstein and Boxer, so lets try to start fixing some of the systemic credibility deficit on the Democrat pretenders and clarify perceptions about Conservative women. Lets begin to put this State back on the track to lead in the US and in the World, we have so much that can be good and to see it squandered like it has for so long is the most disappointing thing I can think of that I have seen happen right in front of my own eyes.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

State Of the State
Save our State
Shame on Shwarzy
Arnold Schwarzenegger has become a caricature of himself and what he stood for when he upended Gray Davis in a special election oh so many(7) years ago. A fiddle played by the Democrats for years, the Governator is like a Stradivarius for Tchaikovsky. As reactionary and unimaginative as the best the Liberals can offer, Shwarzenegger didn't slow down the descent of this state at all. He gave up at his first defeat and never was able to educate the general and often idiotic electorate where their penchant for more Government programs was leading this once great State.

The Governor barely alludes to the perennial budget stalemates that are as expected and accepted as trading productive farmland for a tiny fish. He wants the Federal money to bail California out but failed to mention how state workers are going to court to rescind their furlough days, thereby insuring either lost jobs or the eventual bankruptcy of this state, or more likely, both. Pensions, I guess, will be reworked after the state goes officially bankrupt. Its not just the state workers that are doing this, it is involved in every facet of state spending, the takers are killing the golden goose. And the Governor seeks to tie the prison system to the higher education system somehow in dollars spent? Maybe, and on this I am certain, there is tremendous waste in both systems. But there is no real and proven correlation, so why amend the state constitution? Hog tie us with another layer of red tape?

Regulation was hardly addressed when jobs were referenced, and the green jobs farce and Obamaesque hope and change rhetoric give clues the Governor is not really serious about making this state somewhere a person can raise a family and operate a business with little Government intrusion. Immigration has become only a tool to leverage more money out of Washington now, back when there was a chance to defend our border and save some American jobs political correctness trumped law and order, and the Hispanic vote was the holy grail both Republicans and Democrats sold the state out for.

Arnold has proven that he is truly his wifes husband, and more a Kennedy than a Reagan. Taxation without representation is what California Conservatives are used to and Arnold definitely delivered.
There is an old saying that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is a duck. How many years now has Shwarzenegger been a lame duck? Apparently this is his last year as our Governor and it is so unfortunate for me to have to say, good riddance.

Monday, January 04, 2010

When Will The Luck Run Out?

Barack Obama has been the political equivalent of Midas in his ascendency to the highest political office in the world. Every time a fortunate occurrence must happen to save his bacon he gets the chance and the option.

Obama somehow got into Harvard Law School with unknown grades and modest means. He even went to exclusive private schools as a youngster where his grades and who paid have been carefully hidden. The only editor of the Harvard Law review who never published a paper of his own. Everywhere he has gone he has defied the odds that would normally sink the average performer in spite of the affirmative action and that charismatic smile.

Barack Obama began his political career by disqualifying his State Senate opponent, then, when he moved on to National Politics, it was the leaked sealed divorce records of his Democrat primary contender and his Republican counterpart in the general election. The divorce record of Jack Ryan begat the replacement by the hapless and incendiary Alan Keyes, imported from Maryland to the ultimate alienation and embarrassment of Illinois Republicans.
Triple 7's to Obama.

When John McCain had Obama down in the polls just a few months prior to the 2008 election suddenly the financial crisis hit and the economy grinded to a near halt. Amazingly the media then began touting polls and inflaming passions that insinuated the American public trusted Obama and the Democrat Party more to repair the economy and return prosperity to the land. ??!??
Obama got the nod and the general public got to relearn what the Democrat Party has in mind for the economy and the engine of wealth. Again, timing was Obamas best asset.

Now we start 2010 with Iran on the verge of nuclear capability and terrorists attempting to perform terrorist acts wherever and whenever possible. Two challenges that Obama can actually use to gain credibility and stature with his opposition and his sane base. Iran is teetering on the brink of revolution and with minimalistic effort a regime change may be possible. Removing the Mullahs could remove the threat of Nuclear proliferation and conflict with Israel.

And in regards to the domestic threats we have seen recently with the Christmas Day underwear bomber and by Major Hasan at Fort Hood, just acknowledging them as terrrorists and basic countermeasures could bring instant credibility. The only way the Administration stopped the underwear bomber was with their hope, and the flying dutchman. It was blind luck, operator ineptitude and/or Divine providence that saved those 288 souls over Detroit, not Obamas treatment of enemy combatants with constitutional protections. Changing the definitions of perpetrators and their actions and trying them in civilian courts is not a policy of deterrence, it's an invitation to strike the paper tiger.

Obama is once again provided a glorious opportunity to shine and while I have little faith in him to actually do the right thing, I am heartened by his penchant for the fortuitous chance that eventually may even benefit US serendipitously.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

We Still Live in a Free Country

For a little while longer anyway,
at the rate we are giving away our freedom and at the rate the Government is angling US toward the one World Government I give US about 10 years. At this pace in another 50 years there won't be anyone left alive who remembers what freedom is really like. Its so sad and even difficult to teach the kids these basic facts. They are caught up with the celebrities and the ipods and video games and hardly seem to care, and as long as their needs are met how can they even know?

It is so hard to teach these kinds of lessons when the solution may be more unsavory than the problem, right now. But someday, when too much water has gone under the bridge only the greatest upheaval will bring things back to how they should be, in a free country.